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Dating app reputation: How locals view the most popular dating apps in SG

Dating app reputation: How locals view the most popular dating apps in SG

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It's the season of love and as it turns out, Tinder is the most talked about dating site in Singapore with 63.2% of locals giving it a central position in the collective consciousness of the digital public. 

Women-centric dating app Bumble comes in second with 22.4% talking about it followed by Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) at 9.8%, Hinge at 3.0%, and OkCupid at 1.6%, according to media intelligence firm Truescope which worked with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE to find out more about Singaporeans' online dating preferences particularly around Valentine's Day. The results were taken from sentiments between 1 July 2023 to 17 Jan 2024.

When discussing these apps, Truescope found that users engaged in discussions centering on success rates, personal app experiences, and the quality of connections found. 

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Below, Truescope breaks down the general sentiments surrounding each prominent dating app in Singapore. 


Despite success stories of finding partners on Tinder, Truescope’s sentiment analysis of netizens highlighted persistent criticisms, particularly towards the app's reputation as a hookup-centric platform. Users also consistently noted Tinder's inclination towards facilitating casual encounters rather than nurturing serious, enduring relationships.


When it comes to Bumble, netizens generally expressed positive sentiments towards Bumble, highlighting the app's BFF feature. Positive feedback emphasised successful experiences in making like-minded friends, especially for individuals navigating unique life circumstances, such as being child-free or having specific interests.

Despite the positive overall tone, a noted drawback revolved around unfavourable experiences with Bumble speed dating, where users criticised the unrealistic expectations and abrupt unmatching based on specific qualities.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel seems to be the place to be for more serious relationships. According to Truescope, the prevailing keywords around the app are, "success rates" and "serious relationships". This echoes a resounding sentiment of satisfaction among CMB users on social media. 

Netizens shared succinct yet upbeat feedback, highlighting successful matches and experiences that have transitioned into serious relationships. This chatter contributed to an overarching narrative of CMB as a platform that not only encourages successful matches but also fosters an environment conducive to the development of lasting and meaningful connections.


If you are looking for serious relationships, Hinge seems to be another top contender in Singapore. In conversations surrounding dating apps, Hinge, much like CMB, stood out for fostering serious relationships. Despite receiving limited mentions, netizens recommended Hinge, alongside CMB, as platforms for genuine connections.

Meanwhile, amidst the affirmative discourse, a nuanced storyline emerged, shedding light on varied opinions regarding the app's efficacy in nurturing enduring relationships. Some users voiced their experiences of unsuccessful attempts to find a match using the app, said Truescope. 


Similar to CMB and Hinge, OkCupid also appeared in discussions on serious relationships. Users voiced their preference for the app when seeking more meaningful connections compared to Tinder, which is often seen as more geared towards casual flings.

However, the prevailing concern among netizens revolved around scams on the platform. Users shared experiences of encountering numerous likes and matches quickly, only to discover that many interactions are actually with bots. Some users recounted instances where potential matches, likely scammers, proposed high-end date ideas that could financially burden the individual.

The positives of online dating

When it comes to the positives of online dating, many Singaporeans expressed that online dating helped break gender norms. Users, particularly on Bumble, valued experiences where women took the initiative and actively in contact or write first in online dating.

Singaporeans also noted that they appreciated the increased variety of choices available to individuals when seeking romantic relationships.

Some commenters also acknowledged that while modern dating has its flaws, they saw improvements in the industry versus the past with some users sharing positive experiences on dating sites with some finding their eventual partners, said Truescope. 

The negatives of online dating

Unfortunately, there are just as many negatives that Singaporeans identified when it comes to online dating. For one, there is a pressure to fulfil physical expectations with a subset of users sharing that they feel pressured to achieve a certain look to increase the likelihood of success in online dating.

Some commenters also expressed a preference for meeting someone in person, implying that this is more genuine than connections made through dating apps. Some also cited instances where negative experiences led them to deleting the app. This suggests that a series of unsatisfactory encounters can contribute to overall dating app fatigue.

Interestingly, users also highlighted monetisation through premium features as a drawback to online dating. Users noted that dating platforms make money by creating a sense of desperation for matches, leading users to purchase premium features, said Truescope. 

Dos and don'ts for crafting meaningful connections

Based on an analysis of conversations, Truescope put together a list of dos and don't when it comes to crafting a meaningful connection online - some of which can be useful when coming up with marketing strategies as well


  1. Tailor messages: Take the time to understand a person's interests and creates a more personalised connection.
  2. Listen intently and converse well: Demonstrate genuine interest in what they share and contribute to the discussion with thoughtful responses.
  3. Use unique conversation starters: Instead of generic greetings, opt for unique conversation starters that grab attention. Mention something specific from their profile that caught your eye or share an interesting observation.
  4. Be out there: Be confident and genuine in letting your unique qualities shine through in your messages.


  1. Don't be overly eager to impress: Steer clear of rude or condescending remarks in your messages. Being polite and respectful fosters a positive atmosphere and increases the likelihood of meaningful connections.
  2. Don't rush into personal questions: Respect your match's boundaries and allow the conversation to progress naturally, building trust over time.
  3. Avoid boring questions: Veer away from mundane and uninspiring questions. Opt for queries that provoke thought, elicit interesting responses, and contribute to a more captivating conversation.

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