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These zodiac signs are going to find the greatest success on Tinder this new year

These zodiac signs are going to find the greatest success on Tinder this new year

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No matter if you believe in it or just participate in it for fun, there's no denying that zodiac signs are incredibly popular indicators of compatibility. In fact, zodiac signs are the second most popular type of information included in Tinder profiles after relationship goals for users aged between 18 and 25, according to Tinder. 

Banking on the popularity, Tinder partnered Singapore-based Feng Shui astrologer Clement Lim from Kang Li Feng Shui, to uncover some pop-astro inspired insights based on how each Chinese zodiac sign matches and chats on Tinder whilst sharing tips to enhance your dating luck this season. 

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Who's the most active?

When it comes the three zodiac signs that will most likely be active on Tinder this season, you're looking at the Rooster, Dog and Pig. 

“People born in the Year of the Rooster are known for their confidence and outspokenness," said Lim. "Roosters are often very social and like to receive acknowledgement for the effort they put into their relationships. In 2024, Rooster singletons are very likely to encounter potential love interests, and so I would encourage them to continue with their openness to meeting new connections."

Lim added that Dogs are "incredibly devoted partners" and will likely prioritise their romantic relationships which would explain why singles who are born in the Year of the Dog are actively looking to match with new people. 

With a natural inclination towards nurturing romances, Pigs are also usually very engaged in their interpersonal relationships - it is no wonder they are very active when looking to meet someone new, said Lim. 

Who's playing it cool?

The top three zodiac signs who are most likely to play it cool on Tinder are the Dragon, Horse and Snake. 

“Dragons are ambitious in life with big goals, and their focus on success can sometimes make them appear less active in pursuing relationships, especially if they perceive that their romantic pursuits might distract from their personal ambitions. To enhance their relationship luck, it’s advisable to place flowers in the southwest direction of their houses," said Lim. 

Known for their love of independence, Horses enjoy exploring and experiencing life at their own pace. This desire for personal freedom can sometimes translate into a less active pursuit of long-term relationships. "In 2024, I would encourage Horses to expand their social circles which might lead to encounters with someone special or bring about new life experiences," explained Lim. 

He added that Snakes can be cautious and reserved, preferring to observe and analyse before jumping into anything, including relationships. This cautious approach might make them seem less active in seeking out relationships.

The most popular profiles on Tinder

If you are a Goat, Monkey or Horse, you're in luck because you will likely have the more popular profiles on Tinder. 

“Goats have a strong sense of compassion and a caring nature, making them highly approachable and likeable. Monkeys are social creatures, and their lively personality can be very attractive to others, making them stand out in any crowd. And the freedom-loving Horses are adventurous, often inspiring those around them with their zest for life,” said Lim.

Who's looking for a long term relationship?

This year, Dogs, Pigs and Rats are the ones who are most likely to say they are looking for long term relationships on Tinder.

“Those who are born in the year of the Dog are known to be just like their animal counterparts - loyal, faithful and honest, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility. These traits naturally incline them towards seeking long-term, stable partnerships where they can provide and receive consistent support and loyalty. 

Lim went on to explain that Pigs value harmony and usually prefer comfortable and peaceful environments. This extends to their relationships as well where they look for partners who can provide emotional security. This makes Pigs more inclined towards long-term commitments where such stability can be cultivated.

"Although those born in the year of the Rat are usually social creatures, they value stability and security, especially in a home and family setting. In relationships, they are often loving and supportive. Their desire for a stable and secure environment makes them more inclined to seek long-term relationships, where they can build a foundation of trust and mutual support with a partner,” added Lim. 

Those that are still figuring it out

It's okay if you're still figuring it out but the signs most likely to be in that headspace this season are the Monkey, Rooster and Goat. 

“Those born in the Year of the Monkey possess a playful and somewhat mischievous nature. Their desire for variety and mental stimulation means they might take longer to settle down, as they are often exploring different aspects of a relationship and seeking a partner who can truly match their dynamic and versatile nature," said Lim. 

Roosters can be quite perfectionistic and may have high standards for themselves and their potential partners. This quest for perfection might lead them to spend more time figuring out relationships, as they seek someone who truly complements their ambitious and assertive personality, added Lim. 

Though gentle and thoughtful, those born in the Year of the Goat can sometimes be indecisive and might prefer to avoid conflict. Their sensitive nature means they might take longer in relationships because they need time to build trust and ensure that their emotional needs are being met.

Signs that are likely to match

If you are looking for that perfect match, these are the combinations that will likely find a successful match:

- Monkey - Rooster

- Horse - Goat

- Dragon - Snake

- Tiger - Rabbit

- Pig - Ox

“In Chinese astrology, compatibility amongst Zodiac signs is often assessed using several traditional systems which categorise relationships between the Zodiac signs in various ways. Amongst the list of matches above, four pairs are considered traditionally compatible whereas the Dragon-Snake pairing can be said to be elementally compatible as the Dragon’s Earth can be fuelled by the Snake’s Fire, creating a productive and nurturing relationship,” explained Lim. 

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