Five steps marketers can take to improve their marketing efforts and secure a positive ROI.

With this shift in consumer behaviour, Sephora also adapted to become more empathetic while interacting with consumers instead of being “super pushy” in its sales.

Customised design templates also allow creative individuals to create everything they need in a few clicks.

“Leaders have to stress the importance of self-development and not stick to the status quo of what has been done over the past decade."

P&G's push for hijabi representation: Driving the convo with an emoji pack

There are over 3,000 emojis, including five cat emojis but only one emoji for hijabis.…

HPB loyalty programme and National Steps Challenge criticised by AGO

AGO also found 594 loyalty accounts belonging to deceased persons as part of the checks.…

Unfortunate ad placements: Where does the responsibility lie?

Recently, an ad by Axe Brand went viral for its unfortunate placement on the front…

Opinion: The brutal truth about account servicing no one tells you

Do you have the makings of becoming a great suit? Here's the truth that probably…

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