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Imagine if 20 years ago, someone told you that every organisation will need accounting software, what would your reaction be? The obvious answer would be, no way, as at that time we have book keepers to do that task.

Fast forward to the present day, large and even smaller organisation are dependent on accounting software, with the value of industry reaching billions of dollars. Similarly, what if I told you that every organisation will need a communications solution? Any organisation that takes its public relations and media relations seriously will need a solution that will simplify and measure the success of each campaign.

I have seen many companies out there, big and small, organising various CSR campaigns, media outreach programs etc with the hope that it will raise their profile and brand positioning. From ideation to execution, every single process takes lots of time, effort and incurs cost. So how do you know if the campaign is successful or if it is reaching the target audience or the key influencers? Which campaign is successful and which is not? What if, you have a better solution, one that simplifies the process from start to finish and also provides the right metrics for you to analyse the success or failure of each communication campaign?

Enter Supernewsroom, a web application that allows anyone out there to basically do PR in one single platform.

For the communications experts, we know that having an updated media list, sets a targeted media list, which is the first part of a media relations campaign. Basically, once you have a campaign finalised, for example if you are the communications expert of a hospital and you want to organise a CSR campaign in conjunction with the Pink October month, then you will need to identify a list of targeted media that will reach your stakeholders.

Now, traditionally, you will pull out your own database of media or if it’s not updated, you will now have the tedious task of searching of the contacts online. The big question is why there isn’t a global directory of media agencies and their editorial lists in a single hub. Supernewsroom eliminates that problem as it is the first crowd-sourced global media database (18 countries till date and growing), which means that it contains the editorial lists of each country, and since its crowd-sourced, just like how Waze is, the list is constantly updated, in real-time.

The second step is now to create a media invitation and emailing it to each editor or journalist whom you have identified as relevant to your campaign. Supernewsroom allows you to do that with a single click with an integrated email blast tool and a Media RSVP tool. With these, you can send unlimited media invitations and press releases with a single click.  You then receive responses from the journalists and editors if they are interested to cover the event.

And what if you want to track if the story was published by those attended your event, or if the press release was picked up post event? Then the iReport gives you a complete media engagement analytics from to whom you have sent the media invites, who read the email, who attended or requested for a media kit, and finally who published the story. This means, the entire media relations campaign was done in a single platform, from sending out the media invitations to the media monitoring report. This will allow you to measure the success of the campaign in terms of the coverage you have received.

Besides that, Supernewsroom includes a PitchMe feature, which allows you to pitch a story to the editor and journalists and receive a notification directly in your inbox. It save you and the journalists loads of time and effort. What is interesting is that you can group your key influencers and start creating a your own newsroom within Supernewsroom, so they will get direct access to your press releases, video news releases, photos, profiles and any information on any upcoming events.

For communications experts, Supernewsroom simplifies the tedious process in a single platform- which means you can now focus more on the strategic part of the communications process. Its simplicity allows non comms experts to start a media relations campaign with a single click.  Supernewsroom is the future of public relations, and I believe it will be solution that every organisation will need, if they are serious about their communications efforts.

P/S- Supernewsroom is the first public relations based solution to be awarded the CIP 500 grant by Cradle, a Malaysian based early stage funding agency.

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(Pictured: Intelectasia chief executive officer and training director Manminder Kaur Dhillon.)