Social media and data science among fastest growing tech skills of MY SMEs

Technology-related skills including cloud computing, social media, data science, blockchain, and data visualisation have the highest year-on-year growth among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Malaysia. This indicates ongoing initiatives to improve their products, services, and operations, according to LinkedIn.

The other fastest growing skills of SMBs in Malaysia, according to LinkedIn, are user experience design tool, back-end web development, NoSQL, TypeScript, Docker products, Firebase and React Nativs. LinkedIn added that SMBs in Malaysia are adopting digital technologies and hiring professionals with technology-related skills. SMBs are also recruiting young talent to help them achieve their goals. Millennials form 76% of SMB employees, while Gen Zs account for 7%. Meanwhile, Gen X comprise 15% of SMB employees.

SMBs are looking to hire new employees with specific skills and qualities that would help create or maintain an efficient, professional and productive workplace. However, they often struggle with lean teams and budgets. This makes it challenging to recruit young and digitally-savvy professionals who have access to diverse information and career options, LinkedIn said. As SMBs look to attract the right talents, they can benefit from a more thoughtful approach to hiring. This can be done by considering both the hard and soft skills needed for the business; showcasing and celebrating the company’s culture and purpose; and offering learning and development opportunities.

LinkedIn’s MD, Asia Pacific, Olivier Legrand said while today’s young professionals have a variety of options when looking for a job, they are drawn to opportunities that align with their purpose and enable them to develop themselves.

“SMB owners interested in attracting them to be part of their teams can benefit from being open about their own aspirations, cultivating authentic connections, and sharing growth opportunities available to employees,” he said.

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