Pacific Place goes big with its CNY installation, “Where Fortune Takes Flight”

Pacific Place is celebrating Chinese New Year by showcasing more than 60 kites around the mall, created by Hong Kong artist Queenie Rosita Law

Based around the theme “Where Fortune Takes Flight” the kites are representative of traditional Chinese New Year imagery, including octagons for good fortune, butterflies for positivity, and circular candy boxes for completeness and unity.

Describing the thought process behind her work, Law said, “Taking inspiration from this feeling especially during festive times, I have scattered these nostalgic elements across the designs of the kites, such as the circular shape of the traditional Chinese candy box placed on relatives’ tables, the octagon shape which symbolises good fortune and wealth, and the blooming flowers that look like fireworks reminiscent of the arrival of spring.”

“I hope to remind everyone of these simple joys and the importance of spending time with your loved ones during the Chinese New Year!” she added.

Pacific Place will also host a series of events before and after the Chinese New Year. As part of its larger theme, the shopping mall is presenting a series of dances and musical performances demonstrated by local dance group Heel Off The Line Dance and Chinese orchestra Sonata Elite. Additionally, on 12 February, the mall will host its annual lion dance to mark the new year.

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