OLDTOWN White Coffee’s F&B unit taps Zeno MY for social and creative duties

OLDTOWN White Coffee’s F&B Segment has appointed Zeno Malaysia as its social media and creative agency for 2020. Zeno is tasked to develop the messaging communications, social content execution as well as coming up with new and exciting ways to ensure that OLDTOWN continues to be a brand that is relatable to Malaysians.

Along with the appointment, OLDTOWN also unveiled its new tagline “Kopi Dulu, Makan Dulu” to showcase how the brand welcomes Malaysians from various backgrounds to come together and enjoy delicious local coffee as well as other local cuisine. In addition to the tagline, the brand also launched the Golden Feasts campaign in partnership with Zeno.

The campaign gave Malaysians the opportunity to dine like an emperor through a variety of great deals, including unique dishes that featured OLDTOWN’s Golden Salted Yolk Sauce. This gave the brand a new mission of showing Malaysians that they will continue to ensure their customers keep on coming back for good drinks and meals, which is what the brand stands for. A+M has reached out to Zeno for additional information about the appointment.

Clarence Leon D’Silva COO of Kopitiam Asia Pacific said it is undoubtedly excited to work closely with Zeno Malaysia to continue bringing authentic experiences to customers across this nation.

“With over 15 years of serving Malaysians delicious halal local food and beverages, it lies with our core belief that every Malaysian deserves to enjoy good and familiar food, and we are confident that our latest tagline, ‘Kopi Dulu, Makan Dulu’ will showcase our commitment to continue championing Malaysian food,” he added.

Zeno Malaysia’s GM Amanda Leong said the agency is truly delighted to partner with OLDTOWN. “For Zeno Malaysia, this is an excellent opportunity to support OLDTOWN’s aspirations to continuously bring high quality local food and beverage choices to consumers,” she said.

Meanwhile, OLDTOWN coffee’s FMCG segment named Kingdom Digital its social media agency for a year after it demonstrated a creative approach to social media marketing that is grounded in human insights. Both parties also kicked off their relationship through a Chinese New Year social media contest titled “鼠年吉祥语” to promote its festive Twin Pack White Coffee.

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