McDonald’s HK shakes up its summer menu with Joey Yung and Hins Cheung

To promote the launch of a new selection of dipping sauces and fries seasonings, McDonald’s Hong Kong has once again brought onboard the recognisable faces of local pop stars Joey Yung and Hins Cheung.

The restaurant chain invited Yung and Cheung to star in a three-minute choreographed music video, which features a backing track remixing McDonald’s’ iconic “bada ba ba baaa” melody from the song I’m Lovin’ It.

In addition to the main video, the campaign includes 12 TVC teaser videos. Each one has coded numbers hinting at the release date of the three-minute music video, which will be launched during prime time. A 40-second thematic TVC will also be broadcast across various digital channels along with the placement of extensive OOH around the city.

McDonald’s Hong Kong has also launched a video showcasing a discussion between Yung and Cheung, as they look for ways to produce a viral online video. The video culminates in a dance performed by Cheung.

“We wanted to make the product experience, and the entertainment factor of shaking and dipping, the hero. So we thought about what people in this city did during the summer: imitate dance crazes and play games with their friends while eating out,” said Andreas Krasser, chief strategic officer of DDB Group Hong Kong.

The new flavours McDonald’s has brought to its menu include three new McNuggets dipping sauces – salted egg yolk, red bean curd roast chicken, and lemon aioli – along with two new Shake Shake Fries seasonings; sizzling black pepper sauce, and barbecue potato chip.

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