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Marie France Asia unveils new content strategy

Marie France Asia has revamped its website layout along with a new content strategy. Now the publication looks to push content specifically for modern full-time working mothers. Meanwhile, its target audience continues to gear towards women aged 28 to 45.

This can seen in the addition of new categories such as “Parenting” and “Careers”. Previously, fashion and latest trends took centrestage on the website. In favour of pursuing a sleeker and more modern look, the layout redesign also involved the removal of its fuchsia logo and borders.

According to Adeline Koh, head of revenue at Reworld Media, which owns Marie France Asia, upgrading Marie France Asia’s design is a major step to keep growing the website and the brand.

“With the development of our own technology and a new image-driven layout, we are able to feature advertiser’s products and make them ‘shoppable’, in both picture and video format. With the rise of adblock, content makes the ideal alternative to keep the audience engaged while still being able to redirect our readers to advertisers’ websites,” Koh said.

The website currently boasts a total average number of page views of 1.5 million with 130,000 unique visitors monthly. It also boasts more than 200,000 subscribers in Singapore and Malaysia.


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