Funds transfer service DuitNow grabs eyeballs with wacky CNY song

Funds transfer service DuitNow created a quirky, fun-filled and over-the-top music video for Chinese New Year featuring a grandpa with some solid advice for his three grandchildren.

According to Chinese tradition, any owed money that goes unpaid over Chinese New Year will lead to an un-prosperous year. Titled “Chuk Chuk Wui Sui”, the campaign developed by Naga DDB Tribal Malaysia takes that belief and elevates it to comedic heights, showcasing the importance of returning owed money before the Chinese New Year period through a wacky song.

Amy Pang, head of marketing and communications of Payments Network Malaysia said its collaborations with Naga DDB Tribal has enabled it to conceptualise creative ideas beyond the surface.

“As apparent in this Chinese New Year campaign, ‘Chuk Chuk Wui Sui’, this brimming idea was taken beyond the scope of what we initially conjured up on our own. Not only did Naga deliver according to the vision described in our brief, but also ensured the campaign’s overall success,” she added.

Florence Lee, creative group head of Naga DDB Tribal, said DuitNow offers users an even easier way to transfer money, and the team figured this was a very useful feature, in which people of all ages and backgrounds would find beneficial.

“This is how we came up with ‘Chuk Chuk Wui Sui’, by integrating the main selling point of DuitNow with our insight of returning what you owe before CNY to avoid a year of bad luck. As an agency, we strive to create work that is empathetic and easily relatable to the general public,” Lee added.

Campaign credits:

ECD : Alvin Teoh
Deputy ECD : Nik Radzi
Creative Group Head : Florence Lee
Head of Copy : Raphael Ang
Copywriter : Justice Khor
Art Director : Ng Kok Wang
Business Unit Head : Angeline Tan
Brand Director : Sunil Vijayan
Brand Executive : Chris Tan
Project Management : Chris Chan
AV Producer : Chris Lau
Film Director : Chee Meng
Assistant Director : Vinod Jayaram
Director of Photography : Selva
Producer : Vinod Jayaram
Production : Effecthory

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