From ‘Money no enough!’ to ‘Money now enough!’

This post is sponsored by Hogarth.

Singaporeans are a pretty responsible bunch. They do the right thing whenever they can. But when it comes to money, the question is: could they be doing a little better? In times of increasing financial complexity and pressure, do Singaporeans need more information to help them make the right decisions?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) certainly think so. Which is why they established the MoneySense Council. Singapore?s national financial education programme is designed to help people manage their money and make sound financial decisions on their own.

In 2018/19, the MoneySense Council chose Hogarth Worldwide to develop a roadshow campaign to improve basic financial literacy in Singapore. The broad objectives of the campaign were:

  • Raise awareness of MoneySense and explain how it can help to improve financial literacy.
  • Encourage people to take the financial health check and identify any weaknesses in their financial health.
  • Deliver customised advice based on the financial health check.
  • Make the whole process fun and rewarding.

Preparing the campaign was not without its challenges. Before Hogarth could get to work, it had to gather content from a number of different government agencies and stakeholders. The content then had to be distilled and re-formatted into attractive, digestible formats for the general public.

Venues were prescribed. Space was at a premium. Nevertheless, Hogarth was tasked with developing a customer experience that incorporated an engaging journey for participants which enabled them to explore the four MoneySense pillars: money management, insurance, investment and retirement and estate planning.

Hogarth developed engaging icons for each pillar. The icons were launched in a colourful advertising campaign that generated interest in the roadshow. Each icon raised a financial issue the roadshow promised to address.

The roadshow advertising helped shape the content at the events and encouraged people to take the financial health check on the MoneySense web page.

There were four venues for the MoneySense roadshow: Our Tampines Hub, Toa Payoh HDB Hub, Canopy @ J-Link and Kampung Admiralty.

How it worked

Upon arrival, attendees were presented with a journey card which helped them to navigate through four zones. To maintain engagement, they were encouraged to collect stamps on their journey card after each interaction. The stamps entitled them to rewards.

To start with, attendees were encouraged to take the five-minute financial health check. Once they completed it, they were guided to the appropriate zones for their needs.

The zones

Zone 1: Money management

This zone highlighted the power of saving and good budgeting habits; the importance of understanding the potential costs of credit cards and loans; and how to finance home ownership with savings and the CPF.

The zone promoted a ?pay yourself first? approach to saving, and suggested strategies to overcome the reluctance to set up a separate savings account.

Zone 2: Insurance

Zone 2 provided attendees with important information to help them work out what kind of insurance they needed and to establish if they were over-insured.

Zone 3: Investment

This zone used digital gamification to help attendees understand the principles of investment, how to start investing and their appetite for risk. They also learned about the importance of diversification.

Zone 4: Retirement and estate planning

The final zone encouraged people to think about their retirement goals and consider how they might reach those goals. A calculator helped them work out how much money they would need for retirement and showed how the CPF can help.

They also learned how to unlock the value of their property and some basic principles of estate planning to help them pass on their wealth.

Entertainment and rewards

Young families were an important target audience for the roadshow so fun activities were developed to keep children entertained. Stage games and a trivia challenge were also created in order to build excitement and maintain interest in the events.

Finally, participants who collected enough stamps on their journey cards were able to ?spin the wheel? to collect a sure-win prize.


Hogarth Worldwide was expected to achieve a total attendance rate of between 40,000 and 80,000 individuals. In the end, 79,038 people came to the roadshows.

According to research conducted by Kantar, advocacy as measured by a Net Promoter Score, was uniformly high across all venues ? 75% to 81% of attendees rated the roadshow very good or excellent and over 90% of attendees found the information easy to understand and informative.


Hogarth Worldwide was recognised with a silver award at Marketing Events Awards 2019 in Singapore.