China worker suicide data gets chilling perspective in BBDO campaign

Chinese NGO CEO Roundtable on Cancer-China has released a video crafted by BBDO Shanghai about mental health with an aim to raise awareness about mental health issues.

The campaign “Knowing Nothing” includes a video, showcasing an employee’s daily activities all recorded by data tracking, such as checking emails and talking on the phone. However, at the end of the video – and in a dark turn – the employee commits suicide.

The video hopes to tell the public that mental health of employees cannot be identified by data.

In addition to the film, three key visuals were released to convey the message of “a company knows all your data, but it doesn’t know you”. These visuals display the lives of three different people and their behaviours within the company, but all the data obtained is not able to predict the last thing they do at the end the day, which is potentially suicide.

China has a poor record in dealing with both mental health issues and employee stress. Recently workers in China have pushed back against 996, a policy by increasingly oppressive startups and tech companies, making workers put in unreasonable 12 hour days, six days a week.

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