Carousell HK partners with Milan Station to help user authenticate luxury handbags

The online classified marketplace Carousell Hong Kong has joined hands with the second-hand luxury handbags and apparel retailer Milan Station in a series of partnered activities, aiming to deliver a more trusted buying and selling experience to users.

The partnership came in as Carousell has seen increasing number of users to buy and sell higher-value items on the platform, such as preloved luxury goods, vehicles, and properties, said Brian Sze, Carousell Hong Kong’s general manager.

Luxury fashion brands including Chanel, Celine, Hermès, LV (Louis Vuitton), and Gucci were among the most searched keywords by female users on Carousell, with a transaction rate of 14% in Q3 2018.

Milan Station will act as the verification partner for Carousell to help users authenticate selected luxury branded products. To kick off the partnership, Milan Station is offering free verification services for Chanel and Hermès items sold on Carousell.

Users can add #Milan12 to their live Chanel / Hermès bags listings to get featured on the special collection on the Carousell app’s front page. Interested buyers can make an offer to the listing. After the offer is accepted, the seller will receive an online form from Carousell, and is recommended to make a reservation with one of the Milan Station stores for verification service, the seller is recommended to go alongside to transact right away. Staff at Milan Station will verify the bag and then put a tag on it after checking. Buyer can keep the tag on for seven days, if they find out from other professional verification that the bag is fake, Milan Station will offer compensation.

Byron Yiu, Milan Station founder, said that people concern about the authenticity of the luxury goods with high price tag. Milan Station’s verification service will boost confidence between sellers and buyers to reach transaction. He added that Milan Station will expand verification service to more luxury brands in the future.

Carousell will launch educational content including videos and blogs to let Carousellers understand more about the verification service. First video will be rolled out in mid-December.

The second-hand luxury handbags and apparel retailer has also launched a dedicated account on Carousell to sell a wide range of authentic preloved luxury goods on the classified marketplace. In addition, it will set up an exclusive Carousell Corner in the stores for displaying listing from Carousellers.

“We are excited about the partnership with Milan Station. Not only can our users enjoy browsing a wider range of authentic preloved luxury products listed by the company, they are also empowered by the free verification services provided by the retailer. This is one step in our commitment to ensure Carousell as a trusted and secure marketplace for every user,” Sze said. 

Yiu said: “As a retailer that is entrusted by customers for 17 years, we pay our utmost effort to ensure authenticity of every good we collect/buy and resell. While is an industry-wide challenge for online marketplaces, we are glad to see Carousell shares the same principle with us. Carousell’s thriving user base is also a great community Milan Station wants to engage with. With this new partnership, we hope to play our part and bring quality products and quality transaction experiences to the e-commerce game in Hong Kong.”

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