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Bondee for dummies: 101 on the new SG-based social media app sweeping across Asia

Bondee for dummies: 101 on the new SG-based social media app sweeping across Asia

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Another new trend seems to be emerging right after the ChatGPT frenzy -  let's welcome in the obsession with Bondee. Bondee is a social app that is reminiscent of games such as The Sims and Habbo Hotel. It is a next-generation virtual avatar social app that was created by Singapore-based tech firm Metadream. The app allows users to create diverse and trendy avatars as well as to keep their friends posted on their creations.

“Users can express themselves freely by sharing their mood and status. Bondee also allows users to personalise their space, visit friends, and post comments as if they were actually living with them,” Metadream wrote in a release.

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What is Metadream?

Now that you know what Bondee is, let's talk about its parent company Metadream. Metadream is an independent tech company based in Singapore and it acquired the intellectual property rights of the app in May 2022, according to a press statement. It then made a creative and international transformation of the app and gradually launched Bondee globally by the end of 2022.

The company itself was founded by investors from the United States and Australia. However, it has executives based around Asia with Japan and South Korea as products, research and development and operational bases. It also has three independent data centres in Singapore, Japan and the United States to ensure the safe use of its products and to meet the data security requirements of regional markets. Metadream currently has plans to open regional operation centres in Thailand, the Philippines and other countries as it attempts to meet the immediate demands of local users.

It is also currently in the process of developing a series of metaverse creative products.

How does Bondee work?

When you first log into the Bondee app, it will prompt you to create an account, followed by a highly customisable 3D avatar of yourself. You can choose from a wide variety of hairstyles, skin tone colours, clothing and accessories that you can use to make your avatar.

From there, you can use your avatar to share personalised status updates, your moods, hobbies and update your friends on your life almost like a diary. You can also create your own little space in the virtual world where you can reside when on the game.

The app of course is meant to be a social one and you can enjoy conversations with its in-built instant messaging platform function. You can also visit your friends’ spaces and enjoy activities together such as a picnic, camping, dancing and exploring unknown universes through its sailing feature. Currently, you are allowed up to 50 friends on Bondee.

What has been the response so far?

So far, with little to no marketing, Bondee has been gaining significant traction with many people sharing their avatars and friend links on Instagram. In fact, according to Media OutReach, last week, the app ranked number one in free apps on Apple’s App store.

This is certainly not a surprise considering the growing frustrations with popular social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok as they chase a video-centric platform and move ahead in its drive to gain the attention of users in ways that can be considered detrimental. 

While Bondee already has a lot of capabilities, the interface proves that it can only go further as it gains traction and popularity. In particular, it poses many opportunities for brands and advertisers to gain a foothold, things that will be explored we expect in the coming days as more people begin to pay attention to the app.

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