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Are you struggling to find the customer touchpoints?

An ever-growing range of digital channels is providing businesses with countless ways to interact with customers, yet latest finding shows only one in three (33%) marketers in China feels in control of the consumer touchpoints available to them.

According to the marketing monitor report from global insights consultancy TNS, confidence is lowest in the countries with the most advanced media ecosystems, highest internet penetration and the most complex and evolved digital lives that feature platforms from across the globe.

Less than a third (29%) of marketers in Singapore and Japan feel in control of their touchpoint management, 28% in Korea and one in four (24%) in New Zealand.

29% of those surveyed explored search marketing, 38% are using social media marketing and 12% are attempting to reach their audience through the creation of viral content. Meanwhile, traditional forms of marketing are still very much in demand, with four in five (79%) using PR activity, 52% employing the use of SMS deals, and 38% focusing on TV advertising.

When asked how they select the touchpoints they use, the results showed a lack of consensus to adapt strategies to cater to these ever-increasing options: 16% of the marketers questioned are hedging their bets by spreading their budget across as many touchpoints as possible, 41% are focusing on the ones they know and 43% are experimenting with new ones.

“Brands have a lot to experiment in China, with a more sophisticated digital landscape that is different from other markets. Experiments come with opportunities that can help maximise the return if brands have a well-crafted touchpoints strategy”, said Deepender Rana, CEO of TNS Great China.

Zoe Lawrence, digital director for APAC at TNS added: “It’s important to focus the majority of marketers’ efforts on the touchpoints that they know will deliver brand equity that converts to sales, and to balance this with some experimentation on the newer digital touchpoints where consumers are spending time.”

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