SG govt bodies showcase their creativity this Deepavali

Celebrating the festival of lights, Singapore government bodies such as the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI),  the People’s Association (PA) and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) have unveiled Deepavali spots to commemorate the occasion. Depicting a Tamil historical comedy film Imsai Arasan, the MCI took a modern twist to an old film to include benefits of Workforce Skills programme, as well as the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) for Singapore citizens.

The first film by the MCI uses Millennial language such as speaking with hashtags and the “poke” culture on Facebook. The King is poked on Facebook by a fellow King from another kingdom and wants to poke him back to accept the friendship. However the Queen suggests to bake him a cake instead as a gesture of friendship, which the Minister rebuts and says the Royal cook only has the skills to fry an Indian delicacy called vadai. Upon hearing that, the cook goes on Workforce Skills programme to upgrade herself and whips out her own creations.

A closer look at MCI’s second film shows a mix between the old classic Imsai Arasan as well as well known Tamil cinema’s blockbuster film, Baahubali. The latter is an Indian epic action film based on ancient kingdom of Mahishmathi, and received several accolades for screenplay. In Baahubali, one signature move was the use of three arrows at a time from a single bow. Captured in the Deepavali film below, the King does a similar trick to shoot out the CHAS benefits that lists the subsidiaries for individuals in various age groups.

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) rolled out a heartfelt film circling around a working dad and his two kids. The dad is at work the whole day face-timing his kids who lent a hand in putting up Deepavali decorations. The spot takes viewers through the working dad’s daily life in the office which involves takeaway meals and drinks in plastic packaging. Noticing this, the kids put together a box of reusable items such as a water bottle for the dad to take with him to the office and avoid disposable items.

The People’s Association on the other hand, released a warm video to summarise the Deepavali occasion in Singapore. The spot features Indians whipping out delicacies to share with fellow neighbours and all decked up in ethnic wear to continue the celebrations. In addition, several turned up at the neighbourhood Community Centre to celebrate the occasion over Indian delicacies and sweets. A mix of all races in Singapore were also highlighted in the spot. Watch it here:

The Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s National Water Agency has once again shown its creativity through the Guinness World record holder for largest rangoli (art form made during Hindu festive occasions). Vijaya Mohan, who was acclaimed for her talent in 2016, is featured in the video on PUB’s Facebook. In the spot, Mohan draws a water-themed rangoli to commemorate the festival of lights.

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