RHB’s approach to banking in the new normal

This post is sponsored by RHB.

RHB Singapore embarks on its 60th year of operations in Singapore this year under very different and challenging circumstances. But the onset of the pandemic did not dampen its spirits nor plans. It remains focused and steadfast, empowering its workforce to take on the digital world at an accelerated speed. 

This year, customer-centricity remains key and, through its core business offerings, we will see a continued emphasis on excellence in the customer journey in which the bank takes pride in. 

A series of tactical campaigns and promotions on its services and offerings are in the pipeline, not just to commemorate its legacy, but also to show appreciation to its loyal and newly acquired customers, and to strengthen its footprint in Singapore as a challenger brand.

Driving performance from within

RHB believes that its people – both employees and customers – are its most valuable assets. Hiring right and fostering pride among its employees must be complemented with empowerment to drive performance and commitment to create value for its people internally and externally.

At the 2020 Loyalty and Engagement Awards by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, RHB won gold for Best Employee Engagement Strategy for its employee engagement transformation campaign which saw an overhaul of its internal employee engagement strategy – a four-pronged approach – to build an inclusive and communicative culture from within. 

The efficient utilisation of resources through human resource planning, employee learning and development, engagement and wellbeing, and performance and recognition, improved the employee touch-point experiences and drove a high performing culture. It cultivated values that build an agile and versatile workforce ready to adapt and stay focused on customer-centricity.

Agility in taking on the digital world

The pandemic has undoubtedly brought about many challenges but it has also accelerated its digital transformation. The shift from traditional to digital channel-focused marketing opened doors to new ways of banking, driving endless digital initiatives and opportunities. RHB’s agility to adapt steered the bank readily to strengthen its financial solutions and digital capabilities, offering more to its customers and enhancing its productivity. It aims to be more durable in this internet era by staying adaptable. Its engaged and empowered workforce did not rest on its laurels when the world was forced to adapt to a new normal but continued to remain agile to take on the digital world.

Keeping the personal touch relevant and progressive

RHB aspires to progress with its customers in its business segments as a trusted financial institution. It taps on years of experience and insights garnered, and relationships to continuously curate the right solutions to complement its customers’ business growth and progress. 

It recognises that with the evolution of technology, personalised attention and excellent service is no longer the only two winning factors that keeps its hold on customers. 

Consumer preferences and expectations have changed rapidly and drastically, forcing brands to stay relevant or fall behind.

Increasing expectations in having convenient straight-through processes, round-the-clock service and responses have kept RHB continuously building its capabilities and offerings, pushing boundaries to tap on new technology and data to serve its business segments better.

“We have grown steadily and cemented many milestones in this 60-year journey alongside our customers, stakeholders and staff. It is testament to our commitment to further our aspiration to exceed their expectations,” says Luke Diep, head of brand and marketing communications at RHB Singapore.

Customer centricity and service excellence

Anchored in the pillars of its promise of “Together We Progress”, RHB is committed to delivering exemplary service and creating value for its customers through its employees, taking its promise to greater heights. Its 60-year footprint in Singapore this year marks its growth alongside the nation and Singaporeans.

As the nation navigates the gradual re-opening of activities in the new normal, and anticipating economic recovery with the promise of vaccines globally, RHB Singapore remains focused on its 2021 efforts to build on its digital plans and push through with its tactical initiatives and offerings. 

Opportunities lie in how a robust digital engagement strategy can amplify efforts and bring about agility to adapt and build better relationships. This will amalgamate to strengthen its operational readiness, stay true to its brand promise, and progress with its customers.