Rethinking your digital campaign’s architecture: Amalgamating content, campaign and data

How to create campaigns that excel in the social world while fulfilling brands' wishes to drive conversions? To “Excel in Social in 2021" is no longer simply about making content more engaging, speaking through a mass-oriented social persona or following trends to align with what the mass thinks, but rather it is about the individual. The aim is to orchestrate a 360 strategy that amalgamates creative content, digital activation, and data insights.

For Sun Life Hong Kong (SLHK), to be social requires a new approach and a new strategy. Our methodology builds on the concept of being consumer-centric, but it doesn’t mean that the brand formulates a pre-determined customer journey for each client. Rather, we are nurturing a relationship, dynamic two-way communication between the individual and the brand, where the brand customises and enhances the experience through the audience’s
active feedback from different sources.

The communications on the current market are more tailored towards an older generation, it is crucial to match our messaging tone and manner and our yearly engagement strategy to complement the younger segment’s expectations and their interaction methods on social media. Starting with SLHK’s social character we consolidated the four personality traits (energetic, optimistic, caring, relevant) that are more appealing and amiable to the younger segment. Engagements were generated through a series of thematic campaigns. Each subsequent campaign was enhanced and customised as we gathered more qualitative and quantitative data from the audience.

During the first stage, we translated the TVC content into a series of “Interactive +1 Comment” activated social posts to encourage the readers to learn more about retirement planning calculations while assisting the audience to familiarise the use of chatbots and setting a stage for two-way communication for later phases. We also introduced the retirement calculator, an always-on mini-site, that guides the audience through a series of questions to discover their true retirement needs or goals. This launch was followed up with another posting series using down to earth social style that supplied continuous traction for the mini-site.

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Our objective in the second stage was to collect customer preference insights to drive the last mile conversion. We launched with a viral video, a special collaboration with Manner Production. This video aims to put retirement into the younger audience’s perspective. The actors in the video reflected the insecurity and cluelessness that the young audience may feel towards retirement. We followed up with a mini-site engagement that encouraged the audience to ask questions about their concerns or misunderstanding about retirement to begin collecting their comments and process the information for insights to improve current SLHK promotions, services, and campaign communication.sun life hong kong pic4sun life hong kong pic5
The last stage in the journey was a social friendly customer service hub that centralised audience enquiries. The system enabled us to create individual tagging according to the enquires received allowing them to be properly categorised for follow-up and further examination.
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To sum up, the series of campaigns amassed essential data to build a comprehensive single customer view by segmentation, RFM modelling and data correlations. These insights were fed back to the creative team to guide track the creative direction to make sure the objectives were met.

We believe that brands must deploy a similar campaign architecture aiming to deliver a user experience that intertwines captivating social content, digital interactions such as chatbots and mini-site activations, and utilise the gain insights from performance and preference data to progressively improve their upcoming campaigns. Because in this generation, delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right people is not enough, being to do it consistently in a structured ecosystem should be the new goal for brands.

Thank you team!
Senior Account Director: Kelvin Wong
Senior Account Manager: Eva Chan
Account Servicing: Valerie Ng
Art Direction: Grace Ng, Sam Chan, Cara Leung
Content Copywriting: Kaiser Ng, Railyn Lam
IT Development: Freeman Tang, Snowky Cheung

This article is written by Clement Lee, digital strategist of Prizm Group.