Pos Malaysia takes proactive measures to secure systems following malware attack

Pos Malaysia has taken proactive measures to shut down several system and online services after detecting an attempt of a malware attack to disrupt its operations. This came to light during a system upgrade across several of its core system and online services on 20 October.

The company has also lodged a police report and informed relevant authorities of the attempted attack. With the help of digital security experts, Pos Malaysia also took additional measures to ensure its systems and database are secured and protected.

“Our team has managed to rectify and restore several of the system and online services. We assure our customers that their data and personal information are safe,” Pos Malaysia said in a statement on Facebook.

It added that customers and business partners may now gradually access its services, and over the counter services at all branches remain available.

“We extend our apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank our customers for their kind understanding, patience and support during this period. We will provide regular updates from time to time,” it added.

Earlier this year, Pos Malaysia tied up with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to launch the Marvel Super Hero-themed stamp series which is in conjunction with Marvel's 80th anniversary. To drum up hype for the stamps, Pos Malaysia got one of its postmen to dress up in a Spiderman suit, and posted the image onto Facebook with the caption “Setelah menewaskan Thanos, Spiderman tetap istiqomah menyambung kerja tetapnya.", which roughly translates to “After defeating Thanos, Spiderman remains steadfast and dedicated in continuing his regular work.”

Pos Malaysia’s EVP of marketing Schrene Goh told A+M previously that the stunt was to show appreciation towards its postmen and was also part of the marketing campaign for the special Marvel stamps. Goh joined the team in February this year, moving on from her role at Malaysia Airlines as head of global marketing.