How MoneyBack enhances the customer experience

MoneyBack – Providing customised and digitalised shopping journey for members

MoneyBack won the gold awards in the categories of Best Loyalty Programme – Lifestyle & Entertainment and Best Partnership Loyalty Campaign at Marketing magazine’s Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2020 in Hong Kong. These awards recognised MoneyBack’s efforts to provide the best customer experience through Hong Kong’s largest retail membership programme with over 3.7 million members.

Being customer-centric is the core business proposition of MoneyBack, which motivates the teams to always strive for the best customer journey for members - the key to success as a loyalty programme.

A number of new exclusive features were launched on the MoneyBack app to reward members in a creative way. Demonstrating MoneyBack’s customer-first commitment to innovation and delivering the best customer experience, the app offers a rewarding yet convenient shopping experience to customers.

Customer-centric: Turning data into actionable strategy to fulfill customers’ needs

MoneyBack believes that a loyalty programme is not only for earning and burning points, it’s also a platform to engage customers and an integral part of the entire shopping experience. Members can instantly enjoy exclusive member offers across over 600 retail outlets after earning points, covering every aspect of people’s daily lives through the app.

Aiming at further enhancing customer connectivity and engagement, MoneyBack leverages big data analysis to develop personalised communication and provide relevant offers based on customers’ needs. MoneyBack also engages customers online and offline through an omni-channel campaign to create good memories and experience in the community.

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Digital Transformation: A seamless shopping experience at the customers’ fingertips
MoneyBack has continued improving the app since its launch in 2017 to provide a digitalised, secure and convenient shopping experience for members to get rewards through mobile devices. More unique functions include instant points earning, social sharing and points conversion, while customers can use the points to redeem awards anytime and anywhere. The app also enables members to conveniently access their accounts and enjoy customised offers through a digitised process based on their habits and preferences.

Members can enjoy a paperless shopping experience by using a virtual membership QR code, eStamp, eVoucher and eCoupon to earn rewards and use offers in the digital ecosystem more easily than ever. These seamlessly digitised features give members a new shopping experience with a quick and simple process by innovative retail technology, which also retains customer loyalty and builds brand equity.
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Partnership Synergy: Extending offer coverage to everything customers need
Apart from rewards from ParknShop, Watsons and Fortress, MoneyBack members can also enjoy a wide range of lifestyle partnership rewards covering shopping, playing, dining and travel.

With just a few steps on MoneyBack, members can easily search and enjoy offers at lifestyle partners’ online and offline channels all the time. The hassle-free redemption process helps MoneyBack reward the members through their everyday activities, making it an integral part of people’s daily lives in Hong Kong.
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