'HELLO. CANNOT', retorts GSCinemas in social (distancing) post

Malaysian cinema chain GSCinemas has posted a series of tongue-in-cheek updates and clips on its Facebook page in a bid to hype up avid movie-goers as well as answer top questions amidst the announcement of opening of cinemas in the country. With questions pouring in regarding safety measures put in place in the cinema halls, GSCinemas posted its hilarious two-words answer to the top questions by GSCinemas fans.

The list of questions included:
“I come with girlfriend/boyfriend, cannot sit together meh?”
“I come with my friend, can sit together ah?”
“From same house, cannot ah?”
“Can sit on my lap ah?”

gscinema questions

The post has garnered over 48K likes, 11K comments and 27K shares on Facebook since its initial time of writing, with netizens joining in the fun by posting snippets of their own cinema experience in the comments section.

Meanwhile, riding on the hype generated after the reopening of cinemas, GSCinemas also posted a mini film to show that if even Zombies could follow the SOPs, there was no reason humans could not. Once again, netizens openly showed their appreciation for the company’s humour, with the post gaining over 2.3K likes and 168 comments since its posting yesterday.

Meanwhile, cinemas in Malaysia have shown an array of creative efforts in a bid to drive up sales. Apart from the cheeky posts on social media platforms, GSCinemas also offered fans who missed their usual cinema snacks like popcorn and chicken nuggets a chance to order in via GrabFood partnerships. Meanwhile, MBO Cinema reached out to moviegoers with eCommerce solutions, providing attractive voucher promotions on Shopee and Digi Rewards, according to Vulcan Post.

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