Fiji Water refreshes iconic hibiscus, taps on Hans Zimmer's audio branding mastery

FIJI Water has refreshed its packaging alongside as it launches its campaign with music created by 11-time Academy Award-nominated composer Hans Zimmer. As part of the new packaging, its signature hibiscus flower will be enlarged for an eye-catching pop of color on store shelves.

Meanwhile, iconic audio branding master Zimmer, who was also behind Netflix’s iconic sonic branding, has composed a four 15-second scores for FIJI Water highlighting each chapter in the water story: clouds, rain, rock, and aquifer. Each score strings together to tell the larger story of how nature perfected the water over hundreds of years, paired with vibrant images that showcase a Fijian environment with hyperrealism.  The campaign can be seen on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linear Cable, OTT/CTV, as well as through a targeted consumer print and digital campaign.

"There are few places on this planet where you can find purity. Places where rain filters through nature in a most spectacular way and ends up being the most precious commodity that we have, which is water. That is the story I wanted to tell," said Zimmer. "In building the music to represent this journey from scratch, I wanted it to be impressionistic, closer to my feeling of nature, my feeling of what purity is all about."

"We've created the perfect storm through this campaign, elevated by the musical wonder of Hans Zimmer, to showcase that Earth's Finest Water exists from a sustainable source in Fiji," said Clarence Chia, senior vice president of marketing for FIJI Water. "We know that consumers are actively looking for electrolytes, minerals, and a balanced pH in their water, all of which nature has perfected throughout hundreds of years. This is why 'it's not just water, it's FIJI Water.'"

In sharing its origin story, FIJI Water is also renewing its long-standing dedication to environmental sustainability with the introduction of its best-selling 500mL bottle made from 100% recycled PET (rPET) plastic in 2022.

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