Fiji Water steals the spotlight at Golden Globes thanks to camera savvy model

Fiji Water has made headlines - for all the right reasons - after its camera savvy model stole the show while posing with a tray of Fiji Water bottles during the 76th Golden Globes Awards.

The model, now known to netizens as #FIJIWaterGirl, "photo bombed" nearly every red carpet shot by appearing behind celebrities from Nicole Kidman, Holly Taylor, Richard Madden and Jamie Lee Curtis. Pictures of the model went viral, with memes surfacing online and netizens using the hashtag #FijiWaterGirl. Safe to say, the model's spontaneity helped raise Fiji Water's brand awareness among consumers.

The model told the Los Angeles Times that she intentionally helped the company steal the show at the Golden Globes, adding that "it [was] all strategic". This move has certainly benefited Fiji Water, amassing the brand more than US$12 million in paid advertising spend from the start of the Golden Globes until 8 am Eastern Standard Time, according to Yahoo Finance which quoted advertising and branding consulting firm Apex Marketing Group.

In response, Fiji Water fired out a witty tweet which read "We're so glad everyone is talking about our water! *sense ominous presence* She's right behind us, isn't she?"


Later on, the brand also decided to leverage on the hype and tweeted out a meme of its own featuring its Fiji Water model.

Some netizens urged Fiji Water to make the model its new spokesperson, while others suggested the company seize the opportunity to create an ad campaign around this incident. Meanwhile, others also commented that this was "excellent advertising" and the "best PR campaign ever". Marketing has reached out to Fiji Water for comment.

Meanwhile, here are some tweets circulating online:

NSW Police Force also jumped onto the bandwagon and had its share of fun:

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