Durex MY's cheeky adaptation about masking up receives global nod

Durex Malaysia's cheeky post encouraging consumers to mask up when heading out received global attention when it was adapted by its team in Zambia. The original post showed a mask next to a sealed condom with the words "Going out" and "Going in" beneath it respectively. The image added: "Always protect yourself and the one you love." Meanwhile, the caption added: "When heading out, remember to wear your mask. When going in, remember to wear a condom. #DurexCaresForYou".

While the visual was done by Durex and adapted by other countries including Indonesia, Russia and Turkey, it was inspired by an Indian condom brand which first published the original idea to fight against the haze in 2019. 

durex zambia covid

Done in collaboration with digital agency MediaCliQ, the post garnered 6.3k reactions, 4.7k shares and 961 comments at the time of writing. Netizens were amused, with some praising Durex Malaysia for its marketing while one netizen even reminded consumers to use sanitiser when outside and lubricant when going in. A+M has reached out to Durex Malaysia and MediaCliQ for additional information.

Shortly after, Durex Zambia adapted the post for its consumers and captioned it: "Whether you're going out or staying in, always remember to cover up." Netizens in Zambia were also tickled, complimenting the company for its marketing, adding that the post was creative. Durex Zambia's post had 9.3k reactions, 600 comments and 607 shares at the time of writing.

durex zambia covid

Durex is known for its witty social media posts, which hope to position the brand as young and cheeky. During last year's haze season, Durex Singapore scheduled a Facebook event for 18 September titled "Liberate Singapore From The Haze With A Huge Blow Job!". According to the event description, Durex wanted consumers to join it in "what could be the biggest ever blowjob performed by a nation to a nation".

"On the 18 September 2019, do your part and find a spot outdoors that has an unobstructed Southward facing position. At exactly 3:30pm let us unite to huff and puff the haze back to where it came from," the post said. It cheekily added that this event would also function as a perfect excuse to take a much needed midweek tea break. Consumers are also urged to tag the brand on Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #blowforacause. Actstitude Communications was responsible for the event.

Earlier this year, it poked fun at bizarre comments made by Hong Kong's health services chair, Ann Chiang regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Chiang said steaming a mask could disinfect it, despite being told by medical experts that this was not advisable. Jumping on this, Durex specifically asked people not to steam condoms as there is no correct way to reuse a condom, which is only meant for single use.

Meanwhile last year, Durex underwent a global rebranding in collaboration with Havas to unveil a new tagline "Good Sex. Liberated" and a creative concept based on the vintage 1969 feel. This came as the brand is celebrating its 90th birthday this year and the rebranding is in a bid to make its communications more simple and straightforward, brand manager Looi Mun Yee told A+M previously. 

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