Durex entices Singaporeans to #blowforacause this haze season

Haze season is back, to the disappointment of both Singaporeans and Malaysians. In a bid to liven up the mood among Singaporeans in such dreadful times, Durex Singapore scheduled a Facebook event for 18 September titled "Liberate Singapore From The Haze With A Huge Blow Job!"

According to the event description, Durex wants consumers to join it in "what could be the biggest ever blowjob performed by a nation to a nation".

"On the 18 September 2019, do your part and find a spot outdoors that has an unobstructed Southward facing position. At exactly 3:30pm let us unite to huff and puff the haze back to where it came from," the post said. It cheekily added that this event would also function as a perfect excuse to take a much needed midweek tea break. Consumers are also urged to tag the brand on Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #blowforacause. Actstitude Communications was responsible for the event.

Recently, there was another call to blow the haze back to Indonesia. A Twitter user in Malaysia named Farhan urged fellow Malaysians to unite and make 16 September "Blow back the haze" Day by bringing out all desk and standing fans and pointing it towards Indonesia. "Collectively, we can certainly blow the haze back to Indonesia!" he said in a tweet. He also proposed some official hashtags for the event - #BlowTheHazeBack and #BiggestBlowJob.

In a subsequent tweet, the user posted a picture of a 26 inch industrial fan and said that the particular fan sold on Shopee Malaysia would be effective in blowing the haze back to Indonesia. He also posted a doodle of the KL tower being transformed into into a huge fan and instructions for residents in Sabah and Sarawak to point their fans south to ensure the haze would be blown back to Indonesia. In response, Shopee tweeted a link to the user and informed him that the fan can be delivered in 24 hours.

Shortly after, the user replied: "Dear Shopee Malaysia, you didn't need Cristiano Ronaldo for this." The tweet was in reference to Shopee recently appointing the renowned football player as its regional brand ambassador. In the brand video, Ronaldo said: "Buy everything at Shopee."

Unfazed, Shopee took the joke in stride and said the twitter user has the potential to become a Shopee Twitter Ambassador. "If you can help us increase our follower count to 5,000 followers on Twitter, we can sponsor you the fan," Shopee added in the tweet.

With the haze being a pressing issue in Malaysia, its citizens have not failed to impress with their witty approach to current affairs, Shopee's spokesperson told Marketing. The spokesperson added that it felt compelled to reply Farhan because he gave the brand an opportunity to join in the fun and promote its platform and product, even though Farhan's suggestion was far fetched.

"Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter levelled the playing field for everyone. On Twitter, the communication between a celebrity or a brand feels very personal. It is almost as though one is communicating with a friend. It is not always that fans or your customers engage with you or your brand the way Farhan did with us," the spokesperson said.

She added that as a brand, if it is lucky enough to have our users call us out, it should jump on the opportunity to respond. "This gives us the chance to practise hyper-personalisation marketing. Engaging consumers this way requires minimal effort but provides maximum impact for brand loyalty," she explained.

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(Photo courtesy: Durex Singapore's Facebook page)