Case study: How Moët & Chandon wowed consumers with luxury and elegance

While legacy brands often have an advantage over competitors when it comes to heritage and brand awareness, they cannot afford to rest on their laurels. In fact, legacy brands still need to adapt to changing consumer trends to constantly remain relevant, as well as figure out interesting ways to capture consumers’ attention when breaking into new markets. One such brand which faced the challenge of building up a loyal consumer base in a new market was champagne brand Moët & Chandon.

To break into Indonesia, it worked with Colony Group on the Maison de Moët campaign, which resulted in the agency winning gold for Best Immersive Experience at the Marketing Events Awards 2018.

This post was done in conjunction with Colony Group.


Moët & Chandon has been associated with the sparkle of success and glamour since it was founded in 1743. Now renowned as one of the world’s most loved champagnes, every glass overflows with the House’s hallmark values of history, generosity, pursuit of excellence, celebration, boldness and elegance.

However, unlike other champagne brands, Moët & Chandon was a new entrant into the Jakarta alcoholic beverage market. So while audiences may have been exposed to the brand via international media, awareness about Moët & Chandon’s rich heritage and brand essence were relatively low. Hence, it was crucial to create and build desirability around the Moët & Chandon brand in this key market.


To increase brand awareness and promote brand visibility, Moët & Chandon wanted to share the magic of Moët with the crème de la crème of Jakarta’s social scene, who included socialites, celebrities, VIP guests, KOLs and media partners.

The company wanted to inspire brand desirability and immerse guests in Moët & Chandon’s exceptional heritage, history and brand essence. More importantly, it wanted to create a unique and memorable event that wouldn’t only impress guests, but generate talk-ability and social engagement as well.


Moët & Chandon brought the iconic and glamorous world of Maison Moët & Chandon, from the House’s estates in France, to Indonesia’s icons of elegance and sophistication in Jakarta. During the exclusive one-night only event, guests were transported on a “journey through time”, where they were immersed in a unique journey of heritage, glamour and celebration.

The journey consisted of three parts. First, The Birth brought the journey from grape to glass to life through experiences that allowed guests to engage with the lush vineyards, legendary cellars and sparkling effervescence of Moët & Chandon.

Next, Celebration highlighted the brand’s essence of success and glamour. And finally, Open the Now invited guests to experience the spirit and sophistication of the brand through music, champagne and dance.


To share the magic of champagne through unique and memorable experiences, a 10,000 square metre exhibition space was transformed into the sophisticated and luxurious Maison de Moët for the event.

Every guest enjoyed a majestic arrival, where they were chauffeured to the main entrance and welcomed by the awe-inspiring sight of The Orangerie building from the House’s luxurious estates in France. The installation was complete with a beautiful reflecting pool that mirrors the facade of this spectacular building.

Stepping through the entrance brought guests to The Birth, which began with Moët’s vast vineyards, the heart and soul of Moët & Chandon. Audio-visual installations provided a multi-sensory experience as guests explored the birthplace of champagne. They continued their journey into the cellars, which are a unique testimony to several centuries of winemaking. The experience was made even more engaging through the illusion of walking down steps into an underground space.

To capture the sparkling effervescence of Moët, light, sound and motion technologies were used to create a stunning installation that surrounded guests with fine effervescent bubbles and golden liquid of the wine, accented by champagne cork-popping sound effects.

Guests rounded off this part of the journey with champagne tasting, served by waiters whose bodies were hidden behind walls with only their hands visible. This made the entire experience extra surprising and delightful.

For the second part of the journey, Celebration, guests entered the “celebration room”, which showcased Moët & Chandon’s values of excellence and success through cinematic videos featuring 10 of Jakarta’s most stylish and inspiring icons.

Finally, Open the Now invited guests to create their very own #MoëtMoment as a celebration of life’s successes and memorable moments. Complemented by champagne flowing, dancing and dazzling live music performances, “journey through time” at Maison Moët & Chandon presented a truly unique and captivating journey of experiences for guests.


Media partners and Jakarta’s icons of success enjoyed an exceptional evening, surrounded by immersive experiences during their “journey through time”. They shared their glamorous “Moët Moments” through over 55 Instagram posts and more than 110 Insta Stories. The hashtags for the event, #MaisondeMoet2017 was tagged 357 times and #MoetMomentID was tagged 528 times.

It also generated a total social media reach of 1,252,466 worth over IDR 1 billion in PR value, and online articles worth IDR 165 million in PR value with an estimated media reach of 6,180. The event was also expected to generate online and print articles worth an estimated total of IDR 366 million in PR value with an estimated media reach of 264,060.

Not only was “journey through time” a spectacular celebration of Moët & Chandon’s brand essence of heritage, success and glamour, it was a talk-of-the-town event that successfully shared the magic of the world’s most loved champagne with the crème de la crème of Jakarta’s high society.