Blue creates AR filter in latest marketing camapign

Last month, virtual insurance company Blue launched a video to introduce a new product as part of a holistic campaign. Since then, the campaign has also rolled out a number of materials across various online channels to further draw people's attention.

On 6 January, Blue launched a social media game, inviting people try an AR filter and share the ways that the new insurance product surprised them. Participants will be rewarded by showing their creativity and most surprised face. The AR filter can be experienced through Facebook and Instagram. 

To better help participants to join the game, Blue has also launched a tutorial video.

The insurance product was rolled out as the pandemic continues to dominate our lives. The latest plan covers a wide range of prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and health supplements. Even medicines and first aid supplies associated with daily care such as eye drops, painkillers and face masks are eligible for claims. Customers of Blue can access 5,000 designated dealers in Hong Kong to buy medicines and health supplements. Additionally Blue offers an online insurance platform, enabling customers to submit a claim quickly and conveniently.

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