Unilever SG retains GOODSTUPH for creative duties for 4th year

Unilever Singapore has reappointed GOODSTUPH for integrated creative duties for the fourth year for selected brands under the home and personal care portfolio. The appointment is for a year and follows a pitch held in October. GOODSTUPH will be responsible for integrated communications work in Singapore, leveraging its capabilities in brand strategy, creative, social, and digital services. The agency has also been tasked to deliver campaigns that effectively drive business results through new technologies, customer engagement, and partnerships.

GOODSTUPH's founder Pat Law said 2020 has been a year of chaos and challenges, especially for the FMCG industry. The year 2020 has also provided an array of opportunities for localised, thoughtful creativity. "We are privileged to continue this partnership with Unilever Singapore and we look forward to producing good stuff together," she added.

Over the past three years, Unilever has worked with GOODSTUPH to create memorable campaigns. In April this year, both parties collaborated on boomer-friendly hygiene tips for Lifebuoy, showcasing stock images with words on them that boomers are usually known to share in WhatsApp group chats. "As the COVID-19 situation persists, we’ve created a week’s worth of important boomer-friendly hygiene messages," Lifebuoy said in the Facebook post.

At the same time, it also created the #DoTheLifebuoySG challenge on TikTok, which features handwashing steps and a catchy beat. The challenge hoped to educate consumers on washing their hands right and be fresh and clean. Meanwhile in June last year, Unilever's Dove also collaborated with GOODSTUPH to highlight the struggles of living with chronic skin conditions. The film features four women who share the emotional and physical struggles of living with eczema and reveal how far they have come in making peace with their skin. Through the film, Dove hopes to fight the stigma surrounding skin conditions, to inspire skin sufferers to be fearless, and for society to fear less.

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