Case Study: From traditional marketing to programmatic marketing


This well-recognised brand had first established their business over a century ago, beginning as a mail-order catalogue-driven company. Today, they are a national merchant specialising in outdoor gear and apparel, selling merchandise via catalogue, online and in-store.


The client first began their journey to programmatic in 2013 with the main goal of gaining ownership and control of their own data to better address their audiences online. They wanted to translate the same level of targeted reach and penetration they saw from their catalogue business and achieve that in the digital space. With the overarching goal of having better control over their data, the client’s top priorities were:

  • Find new customers (prospecting).
  • Address a younger audience (below the age of 55).
  • Activate its proprietary data to drive as effective ROI as possible.


Leveraging programmatic techniques and technologies, the client has been able to apply the principles of marketing science across the customer journey and across channels.


With the goal of better targeting their audiences online, MediaMath works with the client to leverage their existing data to inform their online campaigns. Using MediaMath’s data management solution to onboard their first-party data, the client was able to slice their data hundreds of different ways to develop insights.

For example, taking online and CRM data of customers who previously purchased, MediaMath was able to create different custom segments such as consumers below 50, high-value customers and peak-season buyers. Using these custom segments, the client was able to find and target these audiences in online media.


With an integrated platform that runs RTB and programmatic premium channels, the client ran campaigns in display, video, mobile and in private marketplaces, constantly optimising their campaigns directly back to ROI goals.


As programmatic knowledge and skill sets can be limited in the beginning, MediaMath provides the client with extensive training and support to ensure the client is meeting their goals and objectives.

This includes complimentary client trainings through MediaMath’s New Marketing Institute. Offering basic to advanced courses in digital marketing and programmatic, the New Marketing Institute ensures clients are well-trained and certified on the technology to guarantee client satisfaction.


The client’s primary objective was to optimise campaigns towards ROI during the peak December holiday shopping season. Using MediaMath’s TerminalOne, the client exceeded ROI goals across all three campaign strategy types (first-party targeting, prospecting, and re-marketing), with re-marketing being 134.6% above the goal.

While the client’s goals and priorities have remained the same since working with MediaMath, they have advanced their marketing practices to drive transformative results – rethinking their approach to how they measure success.

  • Connecting offline to online to leverage data insights across the business.
  • Embracing the “test and learn” approach to understand what drives greater efficiencies.
  • Measuring the exact impact of their marketing dollars and understanding what’s actually driving the most success.

In becoming a modern marketer, the client has fully realised the potential programmatic has to accelerate their digital business. They are turning data into insight and transforming the customer experience with that insight; they have fully adopted the internal culture and processes to do so – they are reading and reacting, and making changes in real-time to deliver better results in every aspect of their digital marketing today, and into the future.

They are a marketing visionary.

The article is a contributed piece by MediaMath.