Yes, there is Spam Tocino

Tocino, a classic Filipino breakfast staple, is the newest flavor of the iconic luncheon meat brand Spam – and no, it’s not a marketing gimmick (looking at you Olivia).

A limited edition Tocino-flavored Spam was spotted on the brand’s official website last week sold at $3.00 per can, confirming that the product is indeed authentic.

Served with eggs on the side, Tocino is a sweetened cured pork dish made popular by Spanish during their stay in the Philippines. Spam Tocino is arguably targeting mainly Filipinos, or maybe consumers in Spain or the Caribbean who are familiar with the delicacy.

Based on feedback on Twitter, Hormel Foods, the company behind Spam, may have hit the mark with its intended audience, with Filipinos, most of whom are living abroad, talking about it on Twitter and on Facebook.

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Marketing made a quick grocery visit around Manila and found that Spam Tocino has yet to appear on stock shelves, however.

Spam has been fairly creative with product tie-ups and flavors since 1937. Last September, Spam Teriyaki was first launched in Hawaii, a country which considers the luncheon meat as their unofficial food. The brand even has a Spam-flavored lip gloss and a partnership with Hamakua Macadamia Nut Co. for Spam-flavored nuts.