Singapore-based Killiney Kopitiam opens its first store in US

Killiney Kopitiam has expanded to its eighth new market, setting up shop in California’s Palo Alto. Killiney Kopitiam, which also has stores in Australia, China, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Singapore, is said to have opened doors in the US after months of delays given the COVID-19 situation. Marketing has reached out to Killiney Kopitiam about its marketing plans.

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Killiney Kopitiam is named after the street on which the cafe first opened in Singapore - and where it still resides today. The brand is known for its coffee and charcoal-grilled kaya toast. It also carries numerous iconic Singapore dishes.

Its menu in the Palo Alto store also explains the many variations of Singaporean coffee, from kopi (coffee and condensed milk) to yuan yang (coffee, tea and condensed milk). In Palo Alto, employees are using traditional long-spouted kettles to make the coffee.

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