Refuel4 launches Ad Analyzer

Refuel4, an AI-driven creative platform has launched its Ad Analyzer, a new product that allows advertisers and marketers to analyse and test future performance of ad creative, completely free.

Utilising Refuel4’s  AI engine, SHAKA, the Ad Analyzer provides scientifically-tested predictions to determine the potential performance of creative on Facebook and Instagram’s Ad auction platform, saving valuable time and resources by eliminating the guesswork for advertisers.

Advertisers simply click, drag and drop their Facebook and Instagram ad creative into Refuel4’s Ad Analyzer. The SHAKA engine then draws thousands of design points from each ad and, extrapolating from Refuel4’s database of performance data and targeting information, SHAKA predicts the ad’s future performance.

For digital advertisers, campaigns often hinge upon translating a big idea into a metrics- focused campaign. Unfortunately, it’s become very difficult to garner strong results as target audiences become saturated and ad fatigue sets in. There are over 4 million advertisers on Facebook, and more than 1 billion actions (clicks, likes, shares, app installs) were taken on Instagram ads in 2016.

Refuel4 also recently took its artificial intelligence technology to Snapchat in a partnership that expands the video platform’s advertising API (application programming interface) and allows agencies and brands to do their own buying through the automated system.

“The importance of ad testing is a given, but nowadays it’s simply not enough to use traditional methods to assess how your ad will perform on digital,” said Kazuhiro Takiguchi, Refuel4 founder & CEO. “Enter artificial intelligence. By using AI to analyse ads, advertisers can effectively take a peek into the future and create native ads that will truly resonate with audiences – before spending that first dollar.”