Razer earns praise from Ryan Reynolds for responding to call for masks

Gaming company Razer recently received love from Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, who praised the company for "heroism" after it responded to Reynolds’ call for medical equipment donations. On 6 April, Reynolds (pictured right) tweeted a request for donations of personal protective equipment gear to help frontliners in Toronto. This was in response to a tweet by Hayley Wickenheiser, former Canadian ice hockey player who was seeking donations on behalf of her friends.

In return, Reynolds said donors will receive “something awesome” from him, such as personalised videos and autographs. Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang (pictured left), replied to Reynolds, informing him that the company has repurposed a few of its manufacturing lines and procured masks from other companies. He added that Razer is donating a million surgical masks globally and shipments are going out now.

“If you get me an address as soon as possible, I’ll route it over to you guys. Let me know,” Tan said. Impressed, Reynolds said: “This is actual heroism. Wow.” Subsequently, Tan said it is rerouting about 10,000 surgical masks procured from third parties within the next 24 hours. "When my additional manufacturing lines come up in Singapore, we will have more certified masks if needed," Tan added.

Razer has been working to set up a fully automated mask manufacturing line in Singapore since Tan first announced the initiative on his Facebook on 1 April. He said that the company is targeting a monthly production of "a couple of million" certified masks and will expand production if required. The masks will go to Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries which are in need of them. Tan added that Razer will fund the initial set up of the line and asked if Singaporeans or Singapore companies were keen on purchasing the first US$50,000 masks off the line.

A few days later, Tan said in another Facebook post that while it focuses its efforts on producing proper certified masks, it has been receiving requests from fans for Razer-branded masks, and it will explore that option "as best as [it] can". 

"However, in the meantime, I have requested my operations team to quickly bring back our previous Razer Bandanas that you can layer up to use as masks. While the fabric will keep large viral droplets off, remember to always practice in conjunction, safe distancing and proper hygiene," he added. 

Last month, Razer tied up with Zouk and streaming app Bigo Live to launch a cloud clubbing live stream, after the government ordered all entertainment venues to close until 30 April. During the set, viewers are able to interact with the DJs via the livestream chat, and utilise BigoLive's functions such as sending virtual gifts with Razer's virtual currency, Razer Gold, or its loyalty reward programme, Razer Silver.

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