Nestlé's new videos remind people of the taste of youthfulness

Nestlé rolled out three videos to promote its Drumstick under the theme of 'The Taste of Youthfulness' across various OTT platforms and social media accounts.

These videos aim to create a teen-relevant consistent brand platform that can drive continuous consumption. According to Albert Wong, co-founder and creative partner of FAQ Comms Limited, the idea of these videos came from the insight that teens are going through their adolescence stage. This is  the most emotionally confusing life stage as teens will test different boundaries to express their independence and hope to earn people's recognition.

The song 'A Blue Bird' was created together with a Chinese ballad to further amplify the idea and make the brand more interesting.

“Ice-cream is a highly competitive industry and teens are quite difficult to connect as they are busy and exposed to too many communications channels. We are really impressed by FAQ’s insights, strategic thinking and creative idea which should help drumstick to engage and connect with this hard to reach and time poor target segment,” said Penelope Yau, head of marketing communications, HK – Nestlé Hong Kong Limited.