A.S. Watson's MoneyBack and nearly 3,000 stores will reward you for shopping local

It pays to shop local - even more so through "Get Rewards Around The Town", a rewards scheme through the MoneyBack app. Available in nearly 3,000 outlets, from grocery stores to pharmacies to corner stores, MoneyBack users are now eligible to claim numerous "in-store exclusive benefits" that will reward them for doing their shopping at local businesses, and in turn, stimulate the Hong Kong economy.

Users can claim their benefits by scanning in-store QR codes at participating outlets using the MoneyBack app. Rewards include free coupons and discounts on food to fashion to lifestyle products, while MoneyBack users can earn additional e-stamps for every HK$50 they spend at designated merchants over the next 14 days. 8 e-stamps can be redeemed for a box of WatsMask WeCare facemasks and booklet containing over HKD$1,000 worth of coupons that can be used at Watsons, PARKnSHOP and TASTE stores.

"A.S. Watson Group loves and cares about its community as all Hong Kong people do," said Malina Ngai, group COO of A.S. Watson Group and CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe). "As the situation eases, stimulating local consumption should be the first step to getting the economy back on track." 

For more details on Get Rewards Around The Town, please visit http://bit.ly/3lJuVzx.

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