A.S. Watson Group donates face masks to primary school students in Hong Kong

The A.S. Watson Group will donate 300,000 face masks to primary school students in Hong Kong to help them prepare for the resumption of school. 

The company is working with the Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association; the Union of Government Primary School Headmasters and Head Mistresses; the Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council; and the Hong Kong Special Schools Council to come up with plans for the arrangement and to liaise with primary schools. 

A total of 300,000 face masks will be donated to primary school students with an urgent need for face masks. The A.S. Watson Group’s corporate volunteer team will help repack the face masks into smaller bags so the schools can distribute them to students easily and immediately.

“As soon as we know that the school will resume shortly, we realise at once that parents may find it difficult to get face masks for their children due to the current shortage in Hong Kong, and the situation is even worse for underprivileged families,” said Malina Ngai, group COO of the A.S. Watson Group and CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia and Europe).

The group has been increasing the capacity to produce and source face masks since the outbreak of COVID-19. In early May, the group’s distilled water and beverage manufacturing arm, A.S. Watson Industries, transformed part of its factory into a dust-free clean room for producing its own adult brand face masks in Hong Kong. The first batch of masks will be available at Watsons’ Hong Kong online and physical stores in mid-May.

“To give a helping hand to those in need, we’ve considered manufacturing kids masks through our A.S. Watson Industries’ factory, but setting up a new production line really takes time,” Ngai further explained. 

“A more efficient way is to source kids masks through our global network. Despite the limited quantity of masks we’ve found, we still earnestly hope that it is helpful to the needy and to protect kids when schools resume.”

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