A.S. Watson Group recruits retailers and restaurants to join MoneyBack for free

A.S. Watson Group has announced a plan to invite all retailers in Hong Kong to join its loyalty programme MoneyBack in an effort to stimulate spending after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. 

Aiming at helping the retail industry, MoneyBack is recruiting retailers from various industries to join the platform for free. Participating merchants can gain free promotional opportunities on the platform by providing in-store offers. 

"A.S. Watson is deeply rooted in Hong Kong for 180 years, we have been through many crises of different nature with the community. We know difficult days will pass, hence should proactively plan ahead," said Malina Ngai, group COO of A.S. Watson Group and CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe).

Currently, MoneyBack has 3.7 million active members in Hong Kong and 1.5 million users of its dedicated mobile app. Partnering with 130 offline and online retailers, MoneyBack covers more than 1,000 retail outlets to allow members to enjoy exclusive offers. 

Apart from recruiting new retail partners, A.S. Watson Group will also launch a cross-retailer rewards programme which aims at stimulating cross-retailer consumption by offering MoneyBack members a wide range of in-store discounts.  A total of 1.8 million face masks will be donated by the group to encourage cross-retailer consumption as well.

"The pandemic has hit every community hard in many aspects, and it is extremely challenging for retailers. When we think of how we can play a part in helping the industry, our Moneyback loyalty programme serves as a perfect platform," Ngai commented. 

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