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Meet the CEOs: Hakuhodo HK's Yoshinori Mitomi

Meet the CEOs: Hakuhodo HK's Yoshinori Mitomi

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Started off as an overseas sales and marketing person for a tech device manufacturer, Hakuhodo Hong Kong's CEO and CMO Yoshinori Mitomi (pictured) has garnered extensive skills in product introduction and promotion planning, as well as production of corporate advertisements.

Now as a leader of the Hakuhodo Hong Kong, Mitomi believed that improving professionalism and common sense can help the agency earn the trust of clients in the medium term, without being overwhelmed by the results of its work.

Find out more about Mitomi's journey in advertising thus far and who inspires him.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What was your first job?

Overseas sales and marketing executive for a major technology device manufacturer. I was in charge of new product introduction plans, product line-up development, various promotion planning, amongst others, as a position between stakeholders in each country and the head office.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What was your first role in advertising?

I was in charge of sales for a major automobile manufacturer, domestic unified sales promotions, production of advertisements for main models, production of corporate advertisements, and overseas sponsor event operations.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What was your first impression of advertising?

I learned that there are a wide variety of means of sending messages, not just television and newspaper advertisements, and that they are all media that people come into contact with from the time they wake up in the morning to the time they go to bed at night.

In addition, the message is the content that hits the target's heartbeats, and it has been found to be very valuable in place of phrases, visuals, and images.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: Who was the mentor who influenced you the most and how?

Tom Horvasse, head coach of the Japanese National Basketball Team.

This is because I think that the policy of setting the most effective KPIs to achieve results, assembling countless formations for them, and thoroughly and repeatedly practicing them is similar to marketing communication.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What's the harshest criticism you've received and how did you cope with it?

Nothing in particular. I think all the clients I worked with had an understanding of marketing communications.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: Describe your own management style now as a leader

There are two.

The first is to keep improving our professionalism and common sense so that we can earn the trust of our clients in the medium term, without being overwhelmed by the results of our work.

Second, live each day in the best way possible for yourself and your family, both healthy and happy.

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MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What's one thing you wished employees understood about being a leader?

Always be fair to yourself and others.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What do you do during your free time?

I like watching sports and watching movies.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: Where do you find your inspiration?

I think I'm the type who doesn't feel much inspiration. Very occasionally, I have an epiphany after working out at the gym. However, I often forget about it after a while (laughs).

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: If not in advertising, where would you be?

You may have run a restaurant or a souvenir shop in a tourist spot in Japan where many foreigners visit. We might be able to do some good business (laughs).

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What advice do you have for someone looking to start a career in the industry?

If you sell a client's product, I think it's important to think seriously about how to persuade.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What issue would you like to see the industry change in 2023?

As long as marketing communications are aimed at humans, I don't think there will be any sudden or dramatic change from yesterday.

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