Brands eager to get on Apple Watch

Apple has announced that Apple Watch will launch on Friday, April 24 in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. Surprisingly, Singapore is not among the list of countries where the Apple Watch will launch.

Among the brands eager to jump on the Apple Watch bandwagon include Starwood Hotels, American Airlines, Shazam, Uber and CNN.

According to TechCrunch, an Apple Watch will allow you to connect with an Uber service from your wrist, then track its estimated arrival time. CNN's app will pull breaking news from categories ranging from top stories to health and entertainment. There will also be a livestream CNN TV coverage allowing readers to save stories.

While hype around Apple Watch may promise users a new avenue to reach users, industry watchers have cautioned marketers to exercise restraint in driving their ads on tiny display.

"The temptation will be to try to rush onto people's wrists with the kind of content that is currently served on their phones. This will be a mistake," Ben Parker, head of stategy at Naked Communications, said in Adweek.

Apple Watch's notification-based function makes it even more crucial for marketers to not only be selective about ads, but also tailor communications for a tiny display.

Further, the hefty starting pricetag of US$350 for the gadget might deter marketers from reaching out to an expansive target audience. EVP, executive creative director at Deutsch LA, Tara Greer’s prediction that brand presence on Apple Watch will likely be utility based isn't far from the truth.

According to Business Insider, app design firm Y Media Lab claimed that before the debut of the Apple Watch, major brands showed no interest in having smartwatch apps. Y Media Lab boasts a portfolio of brands including the BBC, Sesame Street, eBay, Disney and Bank of America, and reportedly about a quarter of Y Media Lab’s clientele have expressed interest in creating Apple Watch apps. Robbie Abed, Y Media Labs’ director of marketing said: “I’ve never seen anyone request this to be honest. Some of these clients have already decided that they want to build an app for the Apple Watch, while others are just inquiring about it."

Meanwhile, if it's attention brands want, the launch will certainly offer that. In the 1 hour 35 minute Apple presentation, an Amobee report showed an overall 388,710 Tweets around Apple.

Here are some stats from Amobee:

- In terms of specific products: 132,174 were around Apple Watch, 85,815 Tweets around MacBook, 39,555 Tweets around HBO, and 37,674 Tweets around Apple TV.

- There was 718,000 Tweets around Apple during their previous September 9 press conference or 85% more Tweets than there were today, with the amount of Tweets around Apple Watch decreasing by -33% comparing today to September 9. This reflects the lack of new product news around the Apple Watch, and with Apple in general speaks to the higher level of popularity around the iPhone line, which also had major announcements on September 9.

- There were twice as many negative Tweets as positive Tweets around Apple TV during the presentation. The audience wanted an upgraded Apple TV, not a cheaper Apple TV.

- MacBook, which had the most new product announcements, had the highest positive sentiment during the event, with 1.8 positive Tweet for every negative one.

- During the event there were 7,964 Apple Watch related Tweets talking about battery life. With the Macbook the Retina screen was the most talked about feature, generating 5,456 real-time Tweets.