LOOK Pokka shows how to rule the world with real coffee

Pokka has launched a new campaign to celebrate its recent crowning as the No. 1 selling ready-to-drink coffee in Singapore according to figures by Nielsen.

The “Rule the World with Real Coffee” campaign recognises the increasing pace and competitiveness of life in Singapore and explores what it takes to pursue success and utilises a first-person perspective video featuring the Pokka coffee man.

It was conceptualised by integrated marketing agency B’yond 360 and will be launched in phases.

The full, uncut 2-minute single take, was achieved after over 40 takes. The videos, along with its 60-second and 30-second cuts will also be available for viewing online and broadcasted on local TV and radio.


The campaign will be accompanied on the ground with advertisements on MRT station platform screen doors at strategically chosen stations, as well in print magazines. Pokka will also be reaching out to consumers online via a complementary social media engagement campaign.

“In order for the commercial to feel and look different, we filmed the entire commercial in a single take from a first-person point of view. This is an uncommon and challenging perspective that immediately sets it apart from its competitors. This allows viewers to immerse themselves in Pokka Coffee Man’s inner world and experience this commercial from a different angle,” Stell Lim, managing director of B’yond 360 said.

“We constantly endeavor to bond with our consumers on an emotional level by associating the brand with their lives in relatable ways, echoing the challenges and triumphs of their daily experience. At the same time that our brand walks through life with them, we also challenge them to “Rule the World with Real Coffee”—our campaign’s message of confidence and excellence,” Isna Apriani, marketing manager of Pokka, said.