Langham Hotels and Resorts focuses on real-life moments for "Celebrate The Everyday" campaign

Langham Hotels and Resorts has unveiled its new "Celebrate The Everyday" campaign.

The campaign aims to raise the awareness of the brand as an ultra-luxury contender. Filmed on location in and around The Langham hotels in London, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, and Sydney, the video and the campaign will be rolled out worldwide in phases throughout the year, with key executions in print publications, online sites, the official website of The Langham Hotels and Resorts, hotel rooms, and social media networks

The main video ad features real-life moments from guest experiences, focusing on a lead character’s narrative as she reminisces about her treasured memories at the hotel chain. These include a surprise dinner in a Cantonese restaurant, an impromptu family picnic on a garden terrace, and a joyous weekend with her best friends in the suite.

“We wanted 'Celebrate The Everyday' to move away from the stilted postures and reflect instead the real-life celebratory whims of our guests, which are sometimes spontaneous, a little playful, and a touch irreverent," said Stefan Leser, CEO of Langham Hospitality Group.

“Being in the luxury level does not mean one has to be stuffy, conventional and staid. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – I believe that true luxury lies in the freedom to express joy and humour, and we at The Langham can help create and share those endearing moments for our guests," he added.

From our side of things, admittedly the ad does refreshingly move away from the standard violins and voiceover cliches of the traditional luxury hotel ad scene, embracing of all things (gasp!) an electric guitar music bed. Sure enough, the ad is rocking a trendy young vibe with a vibrant colour palette and a "live, laugh, love" aesthetic but its still tame tone certainly isn't rocking the boat.

That's not necessarily a bad thing by any means, it's just clear that Langham still recognises who its upmarket audience is and - though willing to loosen up a bit - isn't going to go all-out anarchic to repel them. However, this effort still makes a nice change and its one we're glad to see.