INTI releases comedic parody featuring lives of students post-MCO

INTI International University and Colleges has released a comedic back-to-school video in its bid to empathise with the woes of SPM and STPM students trudging back to classrooms post Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

Made as a parody of a well known Tamil film, Chandramukhi starring superstar Rajinikanth, the six-minute video has already garnered more than “18,000 views on Youtube, and 75,000 views and 1,100 shares on Facebook” ever since its release, as stated by the press release.

The first minute of the video showcases an Indian couple who appear to have adapted well to the new norm, shocked when Malaysia’s Education Minister, Mohd Radzi Md Jidin announced the reopening of schools for Form Five, Form Six, Vocational and Malaysian Higher Islamic Religious Certificate students.

The story continues with the couple frantically deciding who will break the news to their daughter, Saras, a 17-year-old SPM student who has been spending her time during the MCO to become a TikTok influencer and who dreams of being the most followed individual on that very platform in Malaysia.

Timothy Johnson, senior vice president of marketing for products and partnerships at INTI said it was important for INTI to motivate students to return to school and remind  them of the significance of education, even more so during these challenging times. He added that most students had taken this opportunity to learn news skills or even build on projects which they were passionate about, like Saras, which was why it was important for parents and educators to share those dreams and support them, while still encouraging children to complete their education and excel in this important phase of their lives.

“While INTI’s back-to-school video takes a humourous look at the very real struggles and realities of students getting back into their daily routines after a three-month hiatus, I am confident that teachers and students will find their footing and succeed in this new world of education,” added Timothy.

He further expressed that this video would not have been made possible without the works of Taneshh Productions – a local production house that specialises in social media content, as well as the talents of Tanesh, and Kaameshaa Ravindran from Oh My English! and expressed his gratitude for the team that came together quickly once restrictions were lifted to produce the video.

INTI has made a name for its creative productions. Recently in May, it unveiled a video wishing safety for Malaysians who were returning to the workforce with a fantasy Star Wars spin to it, featuring Malaysian health director-general, Hisham Abdullah, as a Jedi (a Star Wars character) with a lightsaber battling the COVID-19 virus. Last year, it also showcased the realities of student lives, this time with its 12-minute Raya Spot titled "Dugaan Raya Universiti“, aimed at highlighting the cultural nuances of the Hari Raya celebration in Malaysia along with the realities of university students prior to the holidays.

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