Great Eastern unveils 3 brand films in marketing blitz

Great Eastern has unveiled three new brand films in its latest campaign, "Live #Lifeproof with GREAT CareShield". The films launch Great Eastern’s new CareShield Life supplementary plans, which is aimed at providing enhanced protection and financial support for people who proactively seek insurance solutions to manage long-term care expenses in the event of disability, often caused by accidents or unexpected onset of illness.

Done in collaboration with creative agency BLKJ, the brand films aim to throw the spotlight on the topic of disability, and deliver the message of self-belief, positivity and resilience – “our disabilities don’t define us, our dreams do”. Through the films, Great Eastern looks to infuse positivity into the topic, and hopes to encourage people to take proactive action and forward planning to protect against the unforeseen, such as disability and illness. The media agency behind the campaign is Digitas. 

The nationwide campaign will be rolled out on multiple platforms, namely digital, television and out-of-home (OOH), from now until November 2020. The first film, titled "The #Lifeproof Crew", features how four artistes overcome their disabilities and showcases their creative work behind-the-scenes to produce a music video. The second film features a Great Eastern financial representative sharing his personal story on overcoming the challenges of his disability, while the third film "Undefeatable" is a music video created by the four artistes in the first video. Launching on 25 October, the film is said to round up the campaign by showcasing a resounding performance that captures the crew’s indomitable #Lifeproof spirit. 

Colin Chan, managing director for group marketing, Great Eastern said the campaign is a call-out to show that disability does not define one’s identity. According to him, the films have given Great Eastern "a uniquely creative approach" to show how the human spirit can rise above unforeseen life-changing situations.

He added: “We felt that the topic of disability should be discussed positively, and that this was a refreshing perspective. Unforeseen disabilities (whether severe or mild) can cause financial and emotional distress when you least expect it. In today’s world, it is financially challenging to manage long-term care and daily living costs on a sustainable basis, coupled with worries about continued income in this economy.”

Chan also said Great Eastern is committed to help with its protection plans to enable our customers to be ready for life’s uncertainties. "I hope that this campaign helps us embrace and discuss disability more openly, at the same time, a gentle reminder that people can plan ahead so as to 'Lifeproof' their dreams ahead of unforeseen challenging circumstances," he said.

Zoe Zora, who worked as the set designer for the films and is paraplegic, said: “In mainstream media, we often only see able-bodied people acting like disabled people. This project gave us a chance to highlight our capabilities, work on a real music video and let us execute our vision. It sends a very powerful message and not the usual depressing narrative associated with persons with disabilities. This is the first time I felt that my disability doesn’t stop me from achieving my dreams”.

The brand films come with the insight that with Singaporeans living longer to age 85.4 years in 2040, the costs of long-term care is foreseeably a concern. Citing a National Council of Social Service study, Great Eastern said around 1 in 30 Singaporeans aged 18 to 49 are suffering from some form of disability.  Accidents, which is found to be the top condition for hospitalisation, can also result in severe disability and incur long-term care costs such as rehabilitative care which can cost up to SG$2,300 per month (without subsidy).

“We have put great thought into our CareShield Life supplementary plans. These include monthly payouts for moderate and severe disabilities, premium waiver and a lump sum payout for mild disability. With our customers in mind, we also introduce a feature to provide additional payout coverage for peace of mind to our customers who may be afflicted with subsequent episodes of mild disability, depending on the plan selected," Chan said.

Great Eastern is not the only insurance company promoting its offerings with films. Last week, Manulife Singapore launched its campaign titled "#ChooseBothLah!" to push its investment-linked policy called ManuInvest Duo. Separately last month, MSIG launched an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure film, as part of its latest campaign. Titled "Help me leh", the film follows the various decisions that its male protagonist, Chris, has to make as he finds himself in sticky situations involving the two important women in his life, his mother and his wife.


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