Manulife wants you to #ChooseBothLah when it comes to insurance and investment

Manulife Singapore has launched a new campaign titled "#ChooseBothLah!" to push its investment-linked policy called ManuInvest Duo. Running from now until 13 December, the campaign is fronted with a light-hearted video which shows two different scenarios where the characters have to choose between two options. The video then ended with the characters told to choose both options instead.

In a conversation with Marketing, Cheryl Lim, VP, head of branding, marketing, communications and sponsorships, Manulife Singapore, said the campaign will be an all digital and social (Facebook and Instagram) campaign. She added that the team chose to go with an all-online marketing strategy as it is where most of its target audience (Singaporeans aged 25 to 45) will be, and where Manulife's marketing efforts can get more bang for its buck. Additionally, online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow the team to curate more targeted ads. Manulife also took into consideration that most Singaporeans are still working from home or opting to stay indoors, and hence outdoor advertising may not be as effective. 

Besides the video, which is first launched to increase awareness and create buzz, Lim said there will be a follow-up product video that will be released that will provide more technical information about ManuInvest Duo itself. Manulife will also be partnering The Straits Times to spread awareness of the campaign via a branded content piece. The campaign is done in collaboration with Tribal Worldwide Singapore and AKA Asia.

Joshua Lee, managing director, Tribal Worldwide said: “Every day, we make about 35,000 decisions. To start the conversation about a big one like insurance or investments, we first had to speak a language that all Singaporeans understand: food and filial piety.” 

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The ManuInvest Duo boasts to be different from its competing products as it will allow users to pause their premium payment whenever and withdraw funds anytime. This flexible arrangement comes as the company tries to cater to consumers' worries during this uncertain period, and it hopes to assure stakeholders that this product can act as a safety blanket. Lim also said that the overall tone of the campaign is aimed to be optimistic and upbeat, to reflect on the growing optimism of its consumers, who are probably more open to investment as things are gradually getting back to normal.

In a bid to encourage consumers to step out and resume activities outdoors, Manulife rolled out an online sneaker drop in August. The campaign featured seven pairs of iconic and sought-after sneakers including Nike, Off-White, and Supreme, and came after its recent survey in June revealed that 65% of Singaporeans are still not confident to head outside. In line with the Singapore government's phased approach for all to resume activities safely, the Manulife Singapore Online Sneaker Drop aimed to give Singaporeans the motivation to step outside safely and confidently. 

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