Google releases heroic new Bollywood spot

Google has released a digital film titled ‘The Hero – A Bollywood Story’, which has been conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Delhi.

Continuing its focus on India, Google is constantly working on enriching consumer experience through its products and relentlessly workings towards making internet more accessible and relevant which resulted into this film. The task was to crack down on an idea that can move masses.

The starting point was the context of India today, from a nation that understood that their dreams may have to remain unfulfilled, turning into a nation that believes in fulfilling not only their dreams but that of others around them and Google is helping them find their dream and chase it successfully.

With this insight to make it extremely relatable and relevant to millions of Indians, Google decided follow Indian cinema and gave it a layer of something that epitomises hope, dreams, and magic. Google focused on cinema from a product perspective, enhancing film search results and created a range of immersive search experiences, especially for Indian cinema.

In life, and in films, some dreams come true, some fall through, and some just take longer.

‘The Hero – A Bollywood Story’ is a story of a father and son on a journey to rediscover dreams – Bollywood style – with Google Search by their side.

Sapna Chadha, marketing head of Google, said: “Google has a long history of building products for India, and we wanted to make sure that when these millions of Indian cinema fans pick up their phone and ask Google about their favorite films, actors, or songs, -they get a delightful, local experience.”

Arun Lyer, chief creative officer of Lowe Lintas said, “With a nation that’s crazy about cinema, thousands of people land up in Mumbai every day to be part of this magical world. But very few get to live their dreams. This film was inspired by those lost dreams and new journeys. The story was created around the product that takes you on an emotional journey.”

President of Lowe Lintas, Naveen Gaur added, “Nothing unites this nation like cinema does. So we took that as the context to expand the relevance of search in people’s everyday life. Cinema is so engrained in us that we always endlessly want to know about films and the stars. Google with its enhanced search does a great job in helping people know anything about movies and much more.”