GOJEK sends rapper Rich Brian Indonesian food simply because he missed it

Indonesian rapper Rich Brian's tweet on his craving for local food as he heads to New York has caught the attention of GOJEK Indonesia. Replying to his tweet with a screenshot of food options on its app, GOJEK Indonesia told Brian to drop the company a direct message with what he misses eating.

The banter that ensued went viral, garnering a total of 1,300 retweets and near to 2,400 likes within a day. The move seems to have amused many Twitter fans, including Brian himself who said, "DM sent, but seriously I'm in New York hahaha".

The distance however, was not a problem for the Indonesia-based ridehailing company that provides food delivery service GO-FOOD, which replied adamantly:

Within 48 hours, Brian's tweeted a photo of a GOJEK employee making the delivery. Marketing Interactive has reached out to Brian for more information.

In a statement to Marketing Interactive, GOJEK ECD VJ Anand said the tongue-in-cheek gesture is made in the spirit of "pasti ada jalan" (there is always a way), a new proposition and tagline rolled out as part of GOJEK's rebranding exercise. "Pasti ada jalan is so intertwined with our history, the way we live and breathe at GOJEK. We always find solutions for everyday issues. The app is a means to solve our users' daily frictions," he said.

According to him, it was "pure luck" that the tweet, which was unplanned and organic, received a reply from the rapper and came to spread like "wildfire". He added: "We saw, we answered, and we made the connection. I think he is an Indonesian legend to be. GOJEK is such a huge Indonesian brand - connections needed to be made. It's such a fit."

On possible collaborations in the future, Anand said the two parties are currently "talking" but the company is looking to let nature take its course. "It becomes boring when its planned," he said.



Most recently, GOJEK unveiled a new visual identity, swapping the Ojek (bike taxis in Bahasa Indonesia) logomark for “Solv”, a nearly-rounded ring encircling a dot. The rebrand seeks to reflect the company’s evolution “from a Jakarta-based ride-hailing service to Southeast Asia’s leading Super App”, said a press release.

It follows after the company recorded 1,100% growth in transactions on its platform over the last three years, from June 2016 to June 2019, on increased demand for GOJEK’s integrated services. According to the company, the rebrand sets the course for its next phase of growth, which will include further innovation and the strengthening of its integrated ecosystem of over 20 on-demand services.