Global brands redesigned as Singapore MRT stations

With great branding comes great responsibility, and sometimes that means having iconic logos be used to express creativity. Earlier in March, we saw Slovenia-based creative director named Jure Tovrljan redesign iconic brand logos to reflect the trend of social distancing during the COVID-19 period. This time, we have a Singaporean taking on a localised redesign of brand logos, crossing them with an all-too familiar concept to Singaporeans: MRT stations. That's right.

Currently a senior user interface concept artist, Hang Kwong Lim recently posted on his Facebook and Instagram a just-for-fun project that he took on, incorporating MRT station names into logos of iconic brands both globally and locally (hello there, TWG). According to his post, the series was created after two and a half weeks of brainstorming.

Lim told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that he started with the more obvious matches first. For example, Burger King matched with Boon Keng because of its initials, and Lazada matched with Lavender. He then tried to fit in puns or break up other MRT station names to see if they fit in other popular brands. Teaming up with his cousin, Lim added it was fun challenging themselves to match all the MRT stations in Singapore. 

In one of his replies to a comment, Lim said that he had redesigned every station except the Woodlands North and Woodlands South MRT station. Should you be tired of scrolling through all the logos, Lim has also created a video showcasing some of his work. 

Take a look at the collection. Are you able to tell which brands were these originally?

Circle Line

mrt brands circle

Downtown Line

mrt brands 1

East-West Line

mrt brands 1

North-East Line

mrt brands 1

North-South Line

mrt brands circle


Lim's work caught the attention of a couple of brands, namely Lazada and Prudential, whose logos have been redesigned to Lavender MRT station and Promenade MRT station respectively. Lazada shared Lim's work on its Instagram story with the caption "saw what you did there", and Prudential shared his post on its Facebook page with the caption "Wah. So Pro-menade", commending Lim on his creativity while having a little wordplay.  

Lim's work has also garnered a slew of positive reactions from netizens, with 610 reactions, 105 comments, and 1,200 shares at the time of writing. Many of them applauded Lim's creativity, and some even said the series should go viral. One netizen has also asked Lim to turn these redesigned logos into stickers on social messaging platforms, to which Lim replied he was not sure if there will be brand copyright issues. 

Which redesigned MRT station name was your favourite? The team at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE simply can't decide. Nonetheless, we hope this series tickled your funny bone as it did with ours. 

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