Foodpanda Hong Kong and Baguio iRecycle partner to fight plastic waste

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the restaurant industry around the globe. In places like Hong Kong, temporary restrictions on group dining and the closure of all restaurants after 6pm has forced many F&B players to rely on delivery just to survive.

While it has been a lifesaver for many, one downside to delivery is the amount of waste it produces. Single-use plastics in the form of disposable bags, containers and cutlery typically end up in the landfill or worse as customers are tossing these items instead of keeping them for later. 

To help combat some of this waste, foodpanda Hong Kong and Baguio iRecycle have joined forces on a free door-to-door recycling service for unwanted plastics. Adding plastic food containers to Baguio iRecycle's existing recycling collection service, the partnership now enables food delivery consumers to help make the world a much more sustainable one for all of us. 

Customers setting an appointment with Baguio iRecycle can inform them that they're a foodpanda Hong Kong customer, and collectors will arrive during a specified time to accept plastic bottles (PET, HDPE), plastic food containers (PP5), and glass bottles (Hong Kong Island and the New Territories only). As an added incentive beyond doing their part to protect the planet, top recyclers will also have the opportunity to receive vouchers from foodpanda Hong Kong worth up to HK$300 during the first six months of the partnership. iRecycle mobile app users can earn iDollars for their recycling efforts for various food, shopping, entertainment and healthcare discounts as well.

With issues like sustainability becoming more important to consumers — especially in F&B — companies are smart to consider their place in the world and how their existing services can tie into corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

"Since signing the pledge, foodpanda (Hong Kong) has strived towards decreasing our impact on the environment and was the first food delivery platform to introduce the default cutlery opt-out feature in 2017. foodpanda (Hong Kong) has saved more than 160 million pieces of cutlery across Asia since then. This also reinforces our commitment to WWF’s Plastic ACTion initiative to reduce our environmental footprint. We hope this partnership with Baguio iRecycle can be the next big step in our sustainability journey and motivate our customers to recycle their plastic disposables," said Woody Chan, foodpanda's CSR & sustainability manager.

"This partnership with foodpanda Hong Kong is a showcase of creating shared value and an example of the synergy that works beyond the rigid imagination of sustainable development. The role of the iRecycle app launched last April is to build up the green connections between waste producers and business owners and establish proper and clean recycling habits among the Hong Kong public," added Clement Li, project manager of Baguio iRecycle.

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