Esports firm Mineski Global rebrands to showcase growth journey

Southeast Asian esports organisation Mineski Global has undergone a rebranding, uniting all of its assets with a uniformed and disciplined brand architecture. This spans all of its media platforms, audiences and geographies.

Done in collaboration with VMLY&R Philippines, Mineski unveiled a new logo which uses gaming graphics to represent the brand's evolution from a cybercafe gaming operation to an esports organisation. In a statement to Marketing, VMLY&R Philippines' chief creative officer, Rey Tiempo, said the rebrand was worth approximately US$25,000 and that Mineski needs to be seen for what it is - a conglomerate, partner and enabler in the gaming and esports industry in Southeast Asia.

"To do this, Mineski must come together and unify all of its assets with a more uniformed and disciplined approach to its brand architecture across sites, audiences, geographies and content strategies. While the benefits of a unified brand are recognised by the current leadership, so is the marketing value of an approach that balances consistency of brand with unique audience preferences and market dynamics," Tiempo explained.

Mineski was formed in the Philippines before expanding into Indonesia and Thailand. The company now has several business units with services covering event and tournament organisation, to esports team management, training and curriculums to tech and advertising solutions for internet cafes and businesses. Mineski also operates its own esports news hub,, built from its passion for the Asian gaming community.

CEO Ronald Robins said VMLY&R understood where it was coming from as a brand and was able to deliver a new identity that represents the company's evolution as a "serious sports organisation". The agency was also able to define its brand story and position the company as a hero brand on a global scale.

“We are driven by the desire to make esports the number one sport worldwide through our brand values. In order to communicate these values, and position the brand at a global level, it was important to speak to our audience in a way that resonates with the category and is consistent across every channel, to ensure a thoroughly connected brand experience,” he added.

Last month, Mineski's event arm, MET (previously known as Mineski Events Team), parted ways with its Malaysia division. The Malaysia division has since rebranded itself as an independent esports event organiser named IO Esports. Kenchi Yap, CEO at IO Esports, said the decision to part ways was due to "differences in strategic planning and direction of the company". Nonetheless, both parties parted on good terms and Yap said IO Esports will continue to focus on its new direction. IO Esports will collaborate with business partners to continue its work as a premier esports event organiser. It will also continue to operate Mineski Infinity cyber-cafes in Malaysia as per a separate franchise agreement.