EdgeProp Singapore wins gold for Best Property App at Mob-Ex Awards 2019

This post is sponsored by EdgeProp.

EdgeProp Singapore has won the gold award for the Best App under the Property category at Mob-Ex Awards 2019. The award was a recognition of EdgeProp Singapore?s innovation in its niche. Our mobile app allows our users to easily search for properties on-the-go, while keeping them up-to-date on the latest industry news.?

The birth of EdgeProp Singapore

Back in 2015, many property search portals did not provide sufficient information to help property buyers make informed decisions. EdgeProp Singapore was established to offer?a one-stop solution to property buyers, be it searching for property sale and rent listings or staying updated with the latest real estate trends and news.?

Features of the EdgeProp app

The app from EdgeProp Singapore makes searching for properties hassle-free through its easy-to-navigate UX/UI interface and its many advanced search filters. Users can search for properties by proximity to MRT, schools, HDB towns, districts, and more.??

Each search filter was created with the needs of various user groups in mind. For example, property seekers with children often use the ?search by school? filter, whereas?foreigners tend to use the ?search by map? filter, possibly due to their unfamiliarity with the country.

A live chat with the help desk is also integrated within the app, should users require any assistance. This ensures that users experience the best customer service during their search journey.??

The app tops the market by having two unique search filters: searching for properties below market value, known as the Edge Fair Value; and searching for properties by?their rental yield percentage.

To build the Edge Fair Value tool, we worked with licenced valuers to derive an algorithm based on comparable transactions and trends in the market to predict whether a particular property is overpriced or underpriced.?

Being a property hub, we use robust data technology and algorithms to provide users with comprehensive research reports, breaking news and price trends across all property types to ensure a timely and seamless information flow to our customers. This information can be found under the ?DATA? tab on a listing, and the ?NEWS? option on the home navigation bar.

At EdgeProp Singapore, we know the importance of listening to our customers. Hence, we are constantly tweaking the app to suit our consumers? needs. The end-result ? users of the app are six times more engaged, leading to a 24% increase in enquiries by each user.

To learn more about how we can help you find your dream home and make your best property decision on-the-go, be sure to download our app, available for all iOS and Android devices.